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Bulletin 12 June 2022

Bulletin 12th June 2022
The Most Holy Trinity
Saint Joseph’s Passionist Church
Tel: (
01) 42 27 28 56 [Int’l + 33 1]
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Vigil Mass: 6.30 p.m.
Sun Mass:
9.30; 11.00; 12.30; 6.30 p.m.
: Saturday: 11.30 – 12.30 & 5 – 6 p.m. and by appointment.
Baptism & Marriage Preparation
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Health Guidelines: St Joseph’s Church
Eucharistic Ministers
: can sanitize hands and receive Holy Communion at Altar.
Masks in indoors
are not mandatory.
People can participate in Mass
for health/ other reasons from the Hall.
continues when leaving  Mass.
Church sanitizing
between Sun Masses needs church empty while this is done.

No Confessions: Sat. morning, 11th June.
CCD Registration for 2022 – 2023: open
on Thanks to all who have registered – plans will come in Sept.

19 June: Mass in Swahili at 3 p.m.
4/5 June Mass Collections
: €1,764,31: FHC Mass: €334,45; Confirmation: €217,97;  ADP : €1,520 ; Shrines : €225,16. La Quête: €15;  Screens: €68. Total CCD Donations for Altar Flowers: €400. CCD classes: €200.

Weekend Mass Schedule: 3 July – 28 August 10 am & 12 noon. Vigil Mass & Sun 6.30 pm continue during July and August.
Parish Info Day: Sun, 2 Oct. 10 am – 3 p.m. to greet  parishioners and Martin Coffey, C.P., new Curé/Passionist Superior from 1st Oct.

Feasts: Mon: St Anthony of Padua; Sunday: Corpus Christi – Body and Blood of Christ
Pastoral Council
meeting 27 June, 7.30 pm.

Publication of Marriage Banns:

1.Natalia Harlejczyk & Timothée Fearon (6th Aug)
2.Haire Aldave & Jordan Kerneis (24th Sept)

Pilgrimage of Our Lady of Rocamadour: 28,29&30 October. Depart St Joseph’s, Fri. 28 Oct. at 22h00 & back in Paris Sun. 30 Oct. about 22H00. Price €150 includes bus fare, B&B (2 nights). Booking & Deposit €75 by Sun. 2 Oct. Call Venci:
Calling 1st Communion & Confirmation CCD: your beautiful Chalice & Host & Tongues of Fire from ‘Red Wall’ ready for collection in the Reception area of St Joseph’s.

Scouts and Guides of France are joining us for 11 a.m. Mass today; afterward, they will have a Cookie Sale to assist with renovating a school in Morocco in collaboration with Moroccan Scouts. Please support if you can.


ReflectionAidan, C.P.

What a beautiful season of Feastdays. After the Ascension of Our Lord, we had Pentecost. Today is God’s Feastday, the Most Holy Trinity. Next Sunday we will have the Feast of the Body and Blood of Jesus. Before the end of June we will be given the Sacred Heart of Jesus, St John the Baptist and Sts Peter and Paul. This is a truly blessed time for us all.

We can look on the Blessed Trinity as a mystery to be solved or as a Love story to be told. The mystery aspect of the Trinity has occupied saints over the centuries. St Augustine is said to have wrestled with this mystery of God being Three Persons and yet One God.

A story is told of Augustine watching a child on a beach going in and out of the sea to pour a little water into a hole in the sand. St Augustine asked him what he was doing and was told that the aim was to put the ocean into the hole in the sand. Augustine mused that this was not going to happen, to which he got the reply that it was as likely as trying to solve the mystery of the Trinity.

Eventually, St Augustine (354-430) concluded that, ‘wherever there is love, there is a trinity: a lover, a beloved, and a fountain of love.’  That makes a lot of sense to me without ‘solving’ the mystery. God is Love, St John tells us. When God loves the Son, that love is a Person, the Holy Spirit. When you find God and God finds you, you are loved, and that Love comes to live in you. You are a Temple of the Holy Spirit.

Last weekend Love was in action. The First Communions and Confirmations were feasts of love. Parents with children, families together around each other; relatives travelled long distances to be present; CCD teachers and helpers; food shared; cakes cut; ‘Feed the Homeless’ was upstairs while we were below in the church; loving decoration of the Altar with flowers and the ‘Red Wall’ with Chalice & Host and with Tongues of Fire; music and singing that was nothing shortly of heavenly; children and young people proclaiming the Word of God; the ‘unseen’ who were behind the scenes doing necessary tasks of service; the presence of Mgr. Gonon and Mgr. Connolly; parishioners praying for the young people.

The list is endless but for me that is when the words of Jesus come to life, ‘where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them’ [Mt:18:20] You could ‘touch’ the Trinity last weekend because Love was in the air and all around us. This Sunday gives us opportunity one week later to say, “Thank you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

While we rejoiced in the Spirit, the Body of Christ was attacked when over 50 people, including several children, were shot dead at Mass in St Francis Xavier Church in Owo, Nigeria on Pentecost Sunday. May they rest in peace. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

Personally, I can’t find words to convey the joy in my heart last weekend when for the 14th consecutive year, your love again revealed to me the face of God.


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