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Bulletin 24 April 2022

Bulletin 24th April 2022
Second Sunday of Easter
Divine Mercy Sunday
Saint Joseph’s Passionist Church
(01) 42 27 28 56 [Int’l + 33 1]
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Saturday: Vigil Mass: 6.30 p.m.
Sunday Mass:
9.30; 11.00; 12.30. Sunday Evening Mass: 6.30 p.m.
: Saturday: 11.30 – 12.30 & 5 – 6 p.m. and by appointment.
Baptism & Marriage Preparation
: email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Other ministries and activities, as listed on:

LENTEN PROJECT:  €31,000 on21 Apr
Lenten Project Collection Weekend Masses
: €2,675.74; ADP € 2,187,50; Donations: €600; Shrines: €329,08;
Next €10,000 will go this week to Ukraine via Passionists in Warsaw.
Teen Faith Group at St Joseph’s
: Sat meetings begin at 2.30 p.m. 16 Apr/14 May
16/17 Apr.:
Collection at Mass: €2,900.23; ADP:€4,800; Donations:€900. Coffee :€43,04; La Quête: €65; Screens: €144
Holy Thurs for Poor:
€703; Good Friday for Shrines of Holy Land: €637,62.
Bible Study on Weds at 10.3O a.m. Dates: 27 Apr – None; In May: all Weds; June: 1st & 8th .Resumes in September.

COVID Regulations since 14th March: Masks not mandatory, but in our Church masks & sanitising of hands encouraged. Holy Water available again in church fonts.
Blessings on Trip today going to N.D. du Chene, Abbaye de Solesmes, City of Le Mans.
Magazines and books on Reception table
can be read and then passed on to others.

Holy Week and Easter 10-17 April: RCIA - 10 Candidates. Congratulations
Attendance: back to B.C. (before COVID) levels, if not higher; 400+ at 11 am. Mass; many tourists joined us- most welcome.
Magnificent and done with love
at each Liturgy truly beautiful
Lectors & Eucharistic Ministers
: most generous in dedicated service.
with security did amazing work
James Sweeney, CP.:
made a Canonical Visit to St Joseph’s and led liturgies.
Mgr. Hugh Connolly
: supportive as ever
Each has a valued role.
Final Word
: to Jesus who as always was powerfully present and gently led us all.

Pastoral Council online, 25 Apr. 7.30 pm.
CCD Holy Communion, 4th June at 11 am.
CCD Confirmation, 5th June at 3 p.m.
CCD Registration for 2022-2023
will be opening soon. Details to follow.
Feed the Homeless:
Sat. 7 May 11.30 am
Baptism Prep:
Sat 7th  May, 11.30 am
Marriage Course
: 24 Apr online 4.30 pm.
Ascension Thurs
. 26 May: Mass will be 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m.
Health & Safety
: all taps in toilets and kitchen are fitted with ‘mixers’ of cold & hot. As cold tap can be very cold and hot tap very hot, it is advisable to start with cold water and to add a little hot water to get a safe ‘tepid’ temperature and avoid the shock of either freezing or very hot water. Check on pre-set water temperature is due soon again. Aidan, C.P.
Finally, I have no vote today in France, (nor in Ireland for past 13 years). But the value of democracy can never be overstated. Who a person votes for is a matter of choice.
Voting is a right I will never undervalue.
Aidan, C.P.  

Resurrection 2022

At 9.55 on Holy Saturday morning a message arrived by email. It was a heart warming and heart breaking story of the Passion leading into the Resurrection. It was from Lucasz, C.P., Passionist Provincial of Poland and Ukraine. He took the time to contact St Joseph’s because of your amazing and sustained support for standing with and offering moral and material assistance.

Like the cures in the Gospel, it is always lovely when someone comes to say a simple ‘thank you.’ There is no doubt that you and many people online deserve recognition. I know that you do not give to be thanked but the receiver has a need to look up from the horrors of war and renew their belief in humanity. Besides your donations, you have given a sign of love and concern. In 2022 you have shown death not to be final nor do sins of killing and displacing people go unseen by God.

People in kindness ask me if I am tired and will I take a break after Easter. I greatly  appreciate such concern. But, if I was to say I was tired and needed a break I would be simply feeling sorry for myself and pampering myself.

Lucasz, C.P. gives a perspective on being tired and worn out when he puts in his email to us: “People [of Ukraine] are very tired, and they look anxiously at what tomorrow may bring.” Every act of violence has layers of hurt and awful damage. Violence is never a solution. Up to February 2022, who could have believed that within a number of weeks, “nearly 15 million people or 1/3 of the population would have to leave their homes. 3 million alone have gone to Poland.” The word “refugee” was not in these people vocabulary until 60 days ago. Now like the people of Old, they are in search of a place to shelter. They did nothing to deserve this. They did not need to search for Lenten penance. The scourge of war saw to that.

After the Resurrection, Jesus walked with dejected people on the road to Emmaus. He stayed the night and in the breaking of bread, they recognise him as their Lord. Emmaus is the road to where people are dejected and feel lost. Lucasz captures this in his email: “we brought 2 car of humanitarian aid to them – food, medicine, clothes and money.” The Bread of Life comes as food and basic necessities of life in all different forms.

Lucasz, CP. ends with an Easter greeting to us at St Joseph’s: “For Easter, together with our Ukrainian Passionists, I wish you the grace of peace and hope from Christ who conquered death and brought to the world the greatest joy of redemption and an endless life of love.”


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