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Passionists Ukraine

The Pastoral Councill adopted the UKRAINE Relief as St Joseph’s Lenten Project 2022: The project is now closed

The TOTAL was transferred to Passionists in Poland for Ukraine :€37.000; Many Thanks to your generosity.

Lenten Project collection at 5 weekend Masses, online donations (from our website donation section -tax receipt sent),
cheques received (to "St Joseph" /add "ADP" if tax receipt needed), also shrine candle offerings will be sent weekly in solidarity.
With the invasion of Ukraine and a deteriorating situation, the Passionist Monastery in Smotrych in western Ukraine is ready to accept refugees from eastern Ukraine. Passionists in Ukraine are part of the Polish Province.

Extracts from Fr Lukasz' latest email to St Joseph's at Easter: “People [of Ukraine] are very tired, and they look anxiously at what tomorrow may bring.”
“nearly 15 million people or 1/3 of the population would have to leave their homes. 3 million alone have gone to Poland.”
“we brought 2 car of humanitarian aid to them – food, medicine, clothes and money.”
“For Easter, together with our Ukrainian Passionists, I wish you the grace of peace and hope from Christ who conquered death and brought to the world the greatest joy of redemption and an endless life of love.”

Tweet of Fr Lukasz, Passionist in Poland 14 April 2022: "Just before the Easter Triduum #Triduum Paschalny, the third shipment of gifts from Poland arrived in Smotrych, Ukraine. Today, in the Passionists' House of Mercy and in the monastery #passionists celebrate #Great Thursday. We thank you for the gift of the priesthood and the Eucharist, asking God for the gift of peace in Ukraine.# Church Helps"

ICN catholic News link: 7th March Message from Passionist community in Poland + video

Passionist Provincial, Poland, message to St Joseph's, 2 Mar 2022: Download

link to Smotrych Monastory

Letter from Fr. Joachim Rego, C.P. Superior General 24 February 2022: Download



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