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Bulletin 19 December 2021

Bulletin 19th December 2021
Fourth Sunday of Advent

Saint Joseph’s Passionist Church
(01) 42 27 28 56 [Int’l + 33 1]
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Saturday: Vigil Mass: 6.30 p.m. Sunday Mass: 9.30; 11.00; 12.30. Sunday Evening Mass: 6.30 p.m. (Note changed Mass times on 26th Dec)
Confession: Saturday: 11.30 – 12.30 & 5 – 6 p.m. or by appointment.
Baptism & Marriage Preparation: email:
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Other ministries and activities, as listed on:
CCD  Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Please collect CCD books ready for you in the Reception area of St Joseph’s.

Collection 12th Dec.: € 1,495,03; ADP: € 932; Sri Lankan Day 5 Dec: €700; La Quête: €50; New ‘Console’: Candles: €6 & Donations €15; Shrines € 279.15 ;  Bookstore: €110. Gospel Group € 30.
Credit Card can be used from ‘Electronic Console’ for Candles, a donation to St Joseph’s Church or ‘’Denier’ for tax returns.

Friday Mission Lunch suspended due to COVID
Men’s Spirituality Ministry Sat. 18th Dec: email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Your support of St Joseph’s is outstanding. Well-intentioned people sometimes leave clothes, toys, footwear, plates, cups, pots, microwaves, etc. at our door without prior notice. I feel guilty leaving these back on the street to be taken by needy people. Any contact beforehand would be most helpful.
Christmas Giving Tree:
take a tag suggesting a gift for a child in need and leave wrapped gift back at the Christmas Tree. Thanks to Gretchen & Fabrice.

Christmas Eve Confessions 11 am-12 pm
Christmas Masses:
Omicron is spreading. A challenge will be to keep us all safe at Christmas Masses. 200 people at any one Mass is the maximum who can be safely present. Please help our Ushers to seat you. All possible will be done to ensure each Christmas Mass is kept safe.
Annual Collection for the Passionist Province of St Patrick at all 4 Christmas Masses.

Christmas Mass – Christmas Eve & Day

  • 24 Dec. 5.30, 7.30 & 10 pm.
  • 25 Dec Christmas Day 11 am.

Sun. 26 Dec. Two Masses – 10 am & 12 noon No Sat Vigil/Evening Mass for Sun. 26th Dec.
8.30 a.m. 27– 30 Dec. Liturgy of Word & Holy Communion
led by parishioners.

New Year Masses: Fri: 31 Dec. New Year’s Eve: 1 Mass at 8 p.m.
1st Jan 2022: 1 Mass on New Year’s Day 11 am.
[No Vigil Mass for Sun 2 Jan on Sat. New Year’s Day]
Sun, 2 Jan. Mass. 9.30, 11am, 12.30, 6.30 pm.

   A Blessed Christmas to ALL!

Emmanuel – God is with us

‘Gaudete Sunday’ lived up to its name over last weekend. ‘Rejoice in the Lord’ was in the air at St Joseph’s from dawn to dusk on both Saturday and Sunday. We were showered with blessings in which to rejoice and be truly grateful.

The Advent Retreat both in the Church and Online was the work of the Holy Spirit from the opening prayer to final blessing. Jesus gave us Himself in the Retreat Mass celebrated by Fr. John Craven who assured us that Jesus knows who we are, how we are and what we need before we even ask.

The Retreat Communal Penance led by Mgr. Connolly brought us to the Heart of Jesus burning with love and wishing to have us back home in love. His word on the Prodigal Father recalled how Jesus ever watches and waits for us.

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament provided a time for the true retreat director, Jesus, to speak to our hearts. It is known only to God what miracles of grace take place in such moments.

After the Retreat Jesus stayed on for a session of the Pastoral Council taking place in the Hall. The Agenda was of human origin, but the truth is that there was more than human wisdom working among us. The Holy Spirit is at work silently and unseen, but very real in the effects on us as searchers for traces of the Kingdom in our midst.

It is not by accident that St Joseph’s is called a Mission. We are people sent to bring Jesus to others in challenging times. With the Spirit blowing among us, the wind is always at our back.

From the Hall we went to the Church where Jesus awaited us. The days after Christmas will be a time when some parishioners will proclaim the Word of God and bring Holy Communion to all present in the church. Pope Francis earlier this year established the new lay ministry of Catechist to be co-responsible with the priest for the Church’s mission of pastoral care. What a blessing that is for the whole Body of Christ. At St Joseph’s, after Christmas this blessing will be accepted with joy.

The Carol Service and CCD Pageant are a feature of St Joseph’s Church. The carols and an amazing array of children in the roles of the First Christmas was a true blessing in our midst. All involved gave of their hearts and souls for the honour and glory of God. This was ‘Gaudete Sunday’ in action.

It is not possible to know how many  people and priests are as blessed as we were last weekend. I saw, felt and received the joys of the blessings of God though Sunday Mass and the events outlined above. We rejoiced in the Lord, as St Paul exhorted us.

How humbled I feel to witness these blessings that you brought about. I see my role more as a conductor of this great orchestra where the tune is provided by the Holy Spirit and the instruments played by each of you.

St Joseph’s, will welcome a new priest in 2022 to take over the ‘baton’ from me. This minor change will not interrupt God’s symphony that has been playing at St Joseph’s since 1869.   Aidan, C.P.


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