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Bulletin Notices 22 August 2021

Bulletin 22nd August 2021
21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

Saint Joseph’s Passionist Church
01. 42 27 28 56 [Int’l: + 33 1]
Aidan, C.P. - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    

Registration for weekend Masses continues.

Baptisms at St Joseph’s. Four Baptisms is maximum due to capacity of church. Maximum of 20 for each Baptism. Church Offering can be given to  priest.

Application Form:

July Collections at 4 weekend Masses:

4th: € 1,131.59. 11th: € 1,028.00.

18th:  € 901,51. 25th: €1,013,36 .

July ADP; € 2,047. Donations: €400.

La Quête: not to hand.


August Weekend Collections:

1st: € 1,043,32. 8th: € 1,208,84.

15th: € 1,049.12.

Aug. ADP: € 7,117. Donation: E200.

La Quête : not to hand.

During these challenging times your constant generous support is a blessing. Sincere thanks and appreciation. Aidan, C.P.

CCD Registration for 2021-2022:  from the website

CCD Cheques: make payable to ‘St Joseph’s Church’ or Cash in an envelope to hand in.

CCD Dates for Sacraments:

Sat 18 Sept CCD Teacher Meeting, 2.30 pm.

Sun 19 Sept CCD Classes begin

Sun 12 Dec Carol Service/CCD Pageant 3 pm

Feasts in August: 20th: St Bernard; 23rd: St Rose of Lima; 24th: St Bartholomew; 25th: St Louis, King of France; 27th: Saint Monica; 28th: St Augustine. All Saints, Pray for us.

Parish Dates for 2021 – 2022

Pastoral Council Mon, 13 Sept. at 7.30 p.m. in Hall {Health Regulations allowing}

St Joseph’s Information Day/Food Fest:

26th Sept in Garden 10.30a.m. – 2.00 p.m. [Health Regulations allowing.]

RCIA Thursday, 14 October at 8 p.m.

Bible Study: will resume after summer break.

Marriage Preparation Course in October. Apply to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Earthquake in Haiti: when it was thought that life could not get any harder for the people of Haiti, an earthquake has devasted this poor country once again, followed by tropical storm ‘Grace’. There is a huge loss of life and damage to people’s homes and to roads. Places are difficult to access and also dangerous. Fr Rick Frechette, a Passionist priest and a doctor has worked for many years in Haiti. People from St Luke’s Hospital Foundation have arrived in the earthquake region. St Luke’s Hospital in Port au Prince is able to receive patients in need of urgent medical attention. St Joseph’s has stood by Fr Rick and his team in the past and now we will seek to support his relief work in their latest desperate need.

Crisis in Afghanistan: We keep in our prayers the Afghan people in their time of crisis. Images and news from Kabul Airport are heart-breaking. I have been in contact with an Afghan lady, a teacher in Paris for many years, who assists refugees from her country and have assured her of our concern and prayers at this time. In further contacts, I hope we may find ways in which St Joseph’s can help in the future.

Update on Passionist Provincial       Chapter of July 2021: elected:

Provincial: Fr. James Sweeney (Re-elected);

Consultors: Frs. Bernard Lowe, John Friel, Paul Francis Spencer, Anthony Connelly. 

The Passionist Provincial, Fr James Sweeney, has begun a series of visits to communities in Ireland, Scotland and is due to visit St Joseph’s, Paris soon, on a date to be decided. A Consultor will also visit St Joseph’s. A letter to Passionist communities from the Provincial indicates the reasons for these visits. One is to consult about which Passionists are to be assigned to each community and leadership for the next four years. ‘Conversations’ begun at St Joseph’s in 2018 requested by 2016 Provincial Chapter, could be revived as one channel for dialogue. The Provincial in his letter requests that, “our present ministries be reviewed, with a view to adopting a synodal model, emphasising discernment, agreement, and a team approach to life and mission.” and asks, “Should the mission be re-formulated for the next four years? If so, how?”

After these visits to communities, the Provincial and Council will meet on 6-7 September as another step in naming community members.

My wish and fervent hope are that, if you wish, your views will be heard as part of this process. Please pray for Passionists and St Joseph’s for a wise discernment about our future. [Aidan, C.P.]

 Solar night light on Mary in Garden

Solar night light on Mary in Garden



Bright daylight on Mary in Garden

Bright daylight on Mary in Garden


Sunlight shines in St Joseph’s Church

Sunlight shines in St Joseph’s Church




Saint Joseph's Catholic Church
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