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Bulletin Notices for August 2021

Bulletin Notices Summer 2021
Saint Joseph’s Passionist Church
01. 42 27 28 56
Aidan, C.P. - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    

Feast of Our Lady’s Assumption, 15 August: being on a Sunday, there will be four weekend Masses as usual.

Preregistration for weekend Masses continues at  Saint Joseph’s.

Baptisms at St Joseph’s. Four Baptisms is the maximum due to the capacity of church. Each family is asked to have no more than 20 people at their Baptism. Offering for St Joseph’s Church can be given to the priest at the Baptism.

Application Form:

Collections 25th July, 4 Masses: € 1,013.36; ADP: € 388. La Quête: € 50 – your goodness and support are greatly appreciated.
Mass Collection, ADP & Le Quête Donations will be published at the end of August.

CCD Registration for 2021-2022:  from the website
CCD Cheques: make payable to ‘St Joseph’s Church’ or Cash in an envelope to hand in.
CCD Dates for Sacraments:
Sat 18 Sept CCD Teacher Meeting, 2.30 pm.
Sun 19 Sept CCD Classes begin
Sun 12 Dec Carol Service/CCD Pageant 3 pm

CCD in 2022
Sat 29 Jan Confirmation Retreat
Church of St Augustine, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Enrolment Mass, 2 p.m. at end of Retreat with Parents
CCD First Reconciliation, 26 Mar 11.30 a.m.
Sat 4 Jun CCD 1st Communions, 11 am
Sun 5 Jun CCD Confirmations 3 p.m.

Parish Dates for 2021 – 2022
Pastoral Council
Mon, 13 Sept. at 7.30 p.m. in Hall {Health Regulations allowing}
St Joseph’s Information Day/Food Fest
, 26 Sept in Garden 10.30 – 2 pm [Health Regulations allowing.]
RCIA Thursday
, 14 October at 8 p.m.
Bible Study
: a comprehensive report was prepared by Lori Maguire on Wed sessions and Bible Study Blog. Bible Study will resume after the summer break.
Marriage Preparation Course
in October. Apply to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Passionist Provincial Chapter 2021:
: Fr. James Sweeney (Re-elected); Consultors: Frs. Bernard Lowe, John Friel, Paul Francis Spencer, Anthony Connelly.
Please pray for these leaders beginning their 4 years of service of St Patrick’s Province.
Kindly, some are asking when there will be news of the Passionists who will be at St Joseph’s for the future. There is no indication yet as to when this decision will be made. Names of Passionists at St Joseph’s for next four years will be published when received.

Feasts in August: 2nd: St Pierre-Julien Eymard, Founder of Blessed Sacrament communities; 4th: St John-Mary Vianney, curé d’Ars; 5th: Dedication of St Mary Major Basilica, Rome; 6th: Transfiguration of Our Lord; 9th: St Thérèse-Benedicta [Edith Stein]; 10th Saint Laurence, Deacon; 11th: St Claire; 12th: Saint Jeanne Françoise de Chantal; 14th: Saint Maximillian Kolbe; 15th Assumption of Mary; 20th: St Bernard; 23rd: St Rose of Lima; 24th: St Bartholomew; 25th: St Louis, King of France; 27th: St Monica; 28th: St Augustine.

Wishing Bulletin readers a restful and safe Summer. If travelling, may you go safely. If staying at home, may you enjoy this time. May God bring us back together again in September, when we hope and pray that COVID restrictions will be eased even more. {Aidan, C.P.}



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