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Sunday Bulletin 27 June 2021

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time; 27th June 2021
St Joseph’s Passionist Church
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Aidan, C.P
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CCD Dates for Sacraments:
Sat 18 Sept CCD Teacher Meeting, 2.30 pm.
Sun 19 Sept CCD Classes begin
Sun 12 Dec Carol Service/CCD Pageant 3 pm

Sat 29 Jan Confirmation Retreat
Church of St Augustine, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Enrolment Mass at 2 p.m. at end of Retreat.
Wed 2 Mar Ash Wednesday
First Reconciliation, 26 Mar 11.30 am
10 April Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Easter
Sat 4 Jun CCD 1st Communions, 11 am
Sun 5 Jun CCD Confirmations 3 p.m

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Usually on 1st & last Saturday of each month, except August. Baptism Preparation beforehand is led by Juliet and Chris. A copy of the child’s Civil Birth Certificate is required. Due to unprecedented demand for Baptisms and need to restrict to 4 Baptisms together, next available date at St Joseph’s is 25 Sept at 12.30 pm . Baptism Application 3 months before. Thanks for your understanding and co-operation.

Dates for 2021 – 2022
Pastoral Council
Monday, 13th September at 7.30 p.m. in Hall {Regulations allowing}
Thursday, 14 October at 8 p.m. Appel Decisif, 10 a.m. 5 March 2022
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Marriage Preparation Course
in October
Eucharistic Ministers & Lectors’
10 am 26 June on parvis with Mass at 11.00 a.m.
Passionist Provincial Chapter
19-23 July 2021 in Larne, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland
An Information Day/Food Fest, if possible, could be on
26 Sept in Garden 10.30 – 2 pm but depends on Health Regulations in Sept.

Feasts this week: Mon: St Irenaeus Martyr; Tues: Feast of Ss Peter and Paul; Wednesday: First Martyrs of Rome; Saturday: St Thomas.
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Sat. Vigil 6.30 pm; Sunday 10 am., 12 pm., 6.30 pm. When the maximum number allowed at a Mass is reached, registration for that Mass is closed. Please try not to arrive for a Mass without registering. Writing this notice pains me, as it goes against the Heart of Christ open to all His children. It is only done to try and protect each other from infection. Summer Schedule in July & Aug unchanged. Many thanks.


Daughter of Jairus raised by Jesus


To touch the hem of Jesus’ garment.

People differ greatly. Variety is the spice of life. Today two very different approaches are made to Jesus. Jairus is a Synagogue official and seeing Jesus, he fell at His feet. He then pleaded earnestly with Jesus to come with him to his home to lay His hands on his desperately sick little daughter. Jairus is a good father and will do anything for his little girl to save her life. Jesus agrees to go with him as had been requested.

There were great crowds pressing around Jesus. Now in that teeming mass of people is a timid woman who has been sick for the past twelve years. She has spent all she had on looking for a cure but without success. She is desperate. She has been excluded from society because of her illness. Unlike Jairus she lacks the confidence to go up to Jesus and plead with Him for a cure.

She had heard about Jesus and did not dare approach Him but came up behind him through the crowd. In that way she hoped to get near enough to Jesus to touch the hem of His garment. God love her; this was her last hope. She had no money left and no treatment plan. Her spirits were still high enough to keep her searching for a cure. But for how much longer. She must have been drained between her illness and not having a chance of healing in sight.

She (we don’t know her name) touches His cloak. Instantly, she is healed. Her body told her that the nightmare of the past twelve years was over. I suspect that her next thought was to slip away quietly before anyone noticed her. But it did not happen that way. Jesus turns round and looks at the crowd and asks who it was that had touched the hem of his garment.

Her hope was that people were telling Jesus that with so many pressing in on Him that it did not make sense to ask who it was that touched Him. “But Jesus continued to look all around to see who had done it”.The woman had no escape except by admitting that it was her. Like the disciples caught up in the storm on the lake, this lady is in a storm of utter fear about what will happen. She does what her fear dictates and throws herself at the feet of Jesus, “and told Him the whole truth”. Her confession was full and total. What a wonderful moment as she hears the words, ‘My daughter, your faith has restored you to health; go in peace and be free from your complaint.”

Last week, the response of Jesus to fearful the disciples was, “How is that you have no faith”. What tenderness in the way that Jesus spoke to the lady by calling her ‘My daughter”. It doesn’t cost a lot for all of us to be tender and kind in speaking to each other in an often tough and harsh world.

The lady is now on top of the world while Jairus must have been growing more and more agitated. His little girl is slipping away and the event of healing this lady has put a delay on Jesus going to save the child. Then comes a statement that no parent should have to hear, ‘Your daughter is dead; why put the Master to any further trouble?’ Jesus must have had good hearing because he ‘overheard this remark of theirs’. In a reassuring way, Jesus tells Jairus, ‘Do not be afraid, only have faith’. Last week during the storm on the lake, the issue was being filled with fear and having no faith.

The recipe of Jesus is always the one spoken to the woman just healed, ‘your faith has restored you to health’. Jesus does not believe in death because He was going to Calvary to conquer sin and death.

The people laugh at Jesus when He says the child is asleep. Beautifully, he takes her by the hand and  says, ‘Little girl, I tell you to get up’. And she does so and Jairus has his daughter in the best of good health again.

This Gospel of a little girl and an older lady healed by Jesus will take prayer on our part if we are to gather some of the richness of the Healing Jesus. ‘Lord, let me come to  your feet needing your hand laid upon me and I believe I shall be healed’.


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