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11th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2021

11th Sunday in Ordinary Time; 13th June 2021
St Joseph’s Passionist Church
Tel: 01. 42 27 28 56 
Aidan, C.P
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CCD Registration for 2021-2022: To prepare for the year ahead, now is the time to discuss in your family preparation for First Reconciliation, Communion, Confirmation.

CCD Dates for Sacraments:
Sun 13 Jun CCD Thanksgiving Mass, 10 am -online

Tues 15 Jun: CCD Registration opens online
Sat 18 Sept CCD Teacher Meeting, 2.30 pm
Sun 19 Sept CCD Classes begin
Sun 12 Dec Carol Service/CCD Pageant 3 pm


Sat 29 Jan Confirmation Retreat at Church of St Augustine, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Enrolment Mass at 2 p.m. at end of Retreat.
Wed 2 Mar Ash Wednesday

[CCD First Reconciliation date to be chosen]
10 April Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Easter
Sat 4 Jun CCD 1st Communions, 11 am
Sun 5 Jun CCD Confirmations 3 p.m

Marymount Dates:
Thurs 10 Feb: 1st Reconciliation [St Jacques]
Sun 29 May: Confirmation, St Jacques (TBC)
Sat 11 Jun: 1st Communion, St Jacques
11 am

Baptisms at St Joseph’s Church take place usually on the 1st and last Saturday of each month, except August. Baptism Preparation is required beforehand and is led by Juliet and Chris. A copy of the child’s Civil Birth Certificate is also required beforehand. Due to unprecedented demand for Baptisms and the need to restrict the number to 4 Baptisms at a time, the next date that is available at St Joseph’s is 4 September. For preparation by family and the godparents, Baptism Application is requested 3 months in advance. We thank families for their understanding and co-operation with us.

Dates for 2021 - 2022

Pastoral Council is invited to assemble again Monday, 13th September at 7.30 p.m. in St Joseph’s Hall {Regulations allowing}
Thursday, 14 October at 8 p.m.
Hospitality to resume
when it is possible
ACWO meetings
at St Joseph’s to resume
Ushers and Security
to meet for planning
St Joseph’s Lending Library
to be relaunched
Stewardship Group
to continue good work
to continue care of building
Marriage Preparation Course
in October
Baptism Preparation
: 3 July, 4 Sept. with other dates to follow
to resume [TBA]
CCD dates
: See opposite column
Eucharistic Minters & Lectors’
meeting TBA
Bible Study, YAM, Women’s Spirituality, Men’s Spirituality, Feed the Homeless, Fri Mission Lunch continue
: Bruno continue excellent service
Parish Office
: Serving the needs of the Parish
Passionist Provincial Chapter
19-23 July 2021
Updates on Ministries & activities on website
An Information Day/Food Fest may not be possible in September. Please help to engage with volunteers wishing to serve with us.

Collection 6th June: 4 Masses: € 980.91 ADP: € 1,063. La Quête: € 20. Many thanks.
Registration: 4 Weekend Masses:
Sat. Vigil 6.30 pm; Sunday 10 am., 12 pm., 6.30 pm. Summer Schedule in July & Aug unchanged.
Saturdays: 11.30 a.m. – 12.30 & 5 – 6 p.m. or by appointment with a priest.

Reflection: On the Mustard Seed

Jesus is the Son of God. When He came to live among us, he did so with his eyes wide open. He missed nothing. He saw all life around him. He noticed, for instance, when his ‘minders’ would not let parents bring their little children to him for a blessing. Jesus was not pleased. “Let the children come to me, do not hinder them; for to such belongs the Kingdom of God.’ [Mk 10.14] He wanted to give us ‘a stairway to Heaven’.

The Kingdom of God is already here among us. It is not complete but still growing and developing. You, I and all of us together can advance the Kingdom of God by the way we live and love. If the Kingdom of God was already complete on earth, then we would just have to follow the rules and we would get there. But Jesus loves us too much to treat us like that. He wants partners in love and in building a community where the margins are constantly being moved to the centre. There is no pecking order in the Kingdom and who ends up there may surprise us.

Jesus knew that not all of us would be good at dealing with the Kingdom of God as a ‘concept’ or a ‘symbol’. He looked around and observed a tiny mustard seed. The size of it masks that ‘it grows up and becomes the greatest of all shrubs, and puts forth large branches, so that the birds of the air can make nests in its shade.’ [Today’s Gospel of Mark, 4.32] Jesus put this into practice while on earth. Had God sent His Son to a world power like Rome, we could say that He gave the journey to the Kingdom a prestigious start. ‘Can anything good come from Nazareth?’ people asked. It was Peter and Paul who brought His message to Rome.

Jesus was not giving a masterclass on the nature of growth. Jesus is judging what He sees with his eyes and is saying that despite the insignificant beginnings, God’s power will bring about a great harvest. Jesus came, born of Mary, as the final and decisive intervention of the living God in human history for the salvation of all.

Sometimes I wonder what I have to give to be faithful to this dream of God. To bring about the presence of His Kingdom can look like a daunting task If power and great resources were the starting point, there would be no use trying. The widow with the two small coins caught Jesus’ attention and He ‘canonised’ her for all time. The ‘widow’s mite’ tells us that nothing is too small to be of value in bringing about the Kingdom.

The Passionists are having a Chapter next month, which is held every four years, A of reports arrived as part of the preparation. This is a normal part of the process. Unless it brings about an increase in the building of the Kingdom, there is always the danger that they could end up on my shelf, collecting dust. Please pray that the Passionist presence at St Joseph’s may grow the Kingdom of God in our midst.

Jesus wants us to be a people inspired by His Spirit. He beckons us forward to grow like the mustard seed, into greater care, love, forgiveness and tender compassion. These are priceless as we dare to hope that the pandemic is coming towards an end. As never before, all of us need each other. We need to feel safe, not just from infection, but in much greater acceptance, understanding and tolerance. This grows into an unstoppable movement that will bring joy to the heart of God.

Jesus gave His life on the Cross to show the closeness of God. He died that death be defeated, and the Kingdom born in our midst. He gave us Justice and Peace as a banner. Jesus showed a marked inclination for the poor and outcasts of society. ‘Small people’, like a mustard seed, are capable of more than we can even begin to imagine. Let us all grow together.


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