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Third Sunday of Lent 2021

Third Sunday of Lent- 7th March 2021
St Joseph’s Passionist Church
Tel: 01. 42 27 28 56
Aidan, C.P. - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Stations of the Cross each Fri. evening at 7 p.m. online:

St Joseph’s Lenten Project 2021:

1)Archdiocese of Paris wishes to offer respite accommodation for 10 people who, due to the COVID restrictions, are now in a precarious living situation. A ‘Bridge’ by this accommodation can lead back to a better life. Support will be there during this transition.

2) Help for Catholic Schools in Lebanon: On 4th Aug 2020 Beirut was rocked by a devastating explosion. Oeuvre d’Orient sponsors 15 schools in the area of the explosion. These need repair and help with school fees - €800 per student.

All raised at St Joseph’s will go to the Archdiocese of Paris for both projects.

ADP Donations online are welcome for Lenten Project followed by an email that your ADP donation is for the Lenten Project. A donation can be placed in collection bowl leaving Mass. Lenten Projects Cheque to “St Joseph’s Church‘ with memo Lenten Project’.

Your generosity is amazing. May God richly bless you and all close to you.

Collection 28 Feb: Mass Collection€ 534.37.  ADP: € 1,059; La Quête: € 60.

LENTEN PROJECT Week 2: € 1,450.58. {including €500 by ADP donations.}

Lenten Project donations: 1. In the ‘Lenten Project Bowl’ as you leave Mass. 2. A cheque to ‘St Joseph’s Church’, memo ‘Lenten Project. 3. By ADP from website and then an email to St Joseph’s so indicate that it is for Lenten Project, as distinct from donations by ADP to St Joseph’s Church. 4. All Shrine Candles donations in Lent for Lenten Project. Website:

Marriage Preparation continues today online. Thanks to couple leading course

Bible Study: Each Wednesday at 10.30 a.m. Contact – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Blog: http://biblestudystjosephsparis.wordpress.com__


Registration for 10 am & 12 noon Sun Mass opens each Monday morning and closes when we reach the permitted numbers due to COVID regulations.

Some parishioners have no access to the Internet or help of a family member. A real service would be if you register for such a person from your own email.

Adding names on arrival is discontinued from this weekend Anyone without a registration, will be helped to register for a future Sunday.

Ushers offer a superb service at Sunday Masses. One extra person to assist at each Mass helps greatly to guide people to seats and ensure remaining in assigned places.

CCD students will be welcome back online for classes this Sunday. Let us keep them and their families in our prayers.

Boy Scouts of America seek School-aged girls and young women (11-17) in the Paris Region to join BSA. Girls (5-10) welcome to join Club Scout Family Pack. Poster on notice board. For full info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Confessions: Sat. 11.20-12.30pm & 5-6 p.m. or by appointment with a priest.

Baptism Application Forms on website. Baptism preparation arranged beforehand.

A Reflection by Aidan, C.P.

The Hebrew people never forgot that they were led out of slavery in Egypt to freedom. It was a tough journey and like many of us during the present pandemic they got fed up with the challenges and the restrictions. As can happen when they settled down some things changed.

No longer were they oppressed by a foreign power. Bit by bit, they began to introduce restrictive practices on their own people that eroded their God-given freedom. It is bad enough when we are hemmed in by an outside force; when it is done to us by our own people, it is harder to take. It needn’t be that way.

When settled into their own land, the Israelites introduced laws, rituals and a set of religious practices that became a yoke on the shoulders of good people. This took a heavy toll on their freedom to know and worship a loving God. How sad to suffer ‘slavery’ in their own land.

No wonder that Jesus’ heart went out to such people. ‘Come to me all you who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me; for I am gentle and lowly in hear, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.’ (Matt. 11:28-30) Jesus’ tenderness is stunning.

His words would not be out of place on the desk of bishops, priests, and all privileged to serve the people of God. Church administration can take on a life of its own. Complex procedures are often required of people who just want to receive a Sacrament. Forgive me if I have added to this for you. I try to keep it simple, as I believe Jesus would wish.

Christians are fee from slavery to sin by the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus. On the Cross, sin and death were nailed beyond return. His Resurrection left the tomb empty of all the traces of previous slavery. The Precious Blood has washed us clean and ready to contribute to the building of the Kingdom of God. Our freedom as children of God came through Christ’s life and death. Why would we ever think of anyone being put back into slavery? Yet, I can do this and maybe others also.

We are the Body of Christ born into a freedom won on Calvary. Our Redeemer did not leave us orphans. He comes to us when we receive Him at Mass. When people at this present time cannot receive Holy Communion, they do not cease being the Body of Christ. Each of us remains a Temple of the Holy Spirit. My heart goes out to people who can’t at present receive Holy Communion.

Nothing, not even a pandemic, can rob a person of the presence of Jesus in their hearts. The making of a whip out of cords by Jesus, as St Matthew tells us, shows his resolute purpose that the Temple be not diverted to other purposes. Jesus will not allow anything rob us of being His Temple. He no longer needs to make a whip of cords as he did all those years ago in the Temple.

The visit of Pope France to Iraq this weekend will touch the Body of Christ in this faithful and brave remnant of our sisters and brothers. You contributed generously over recent years by the Lenten Project to the education of Iraqi students. May Pope Francis be kept safe during this brave visit as a Shepherd.



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