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Second Sunday of Lent 2021

Second Sunday of Lent- 28th February 2021
St Joseph’s Passionist Church
Tel: 01. 42 27 28 56
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Stations of the Cross each Fri. evening at 7 p.m. online:

St Joseph’s Lenten Project 2021:

1)Archdiocese of Paris wishes to offer respite accommodation for 10 people who, due to the COVID restrictions, are now in a precarious living situation. A ‘Bridge’ by this accommodation can lead back to a better life. Support will be there during this transition.

2) Help for Catholic Schools in Lebanon: On 4th Aug 2020 Beirut was rocked by a devastating explosion. Oeuvre d’Orient sponsors 15 schools in the area of the explosion. These need repair and help with school fees - €800 per student.

All raised at St Joseph’s will go to the Archdiocese of Paris for both projects.

ADP Donations online are welcome for Lenten Project followed by an email that your ADP donation is for the Lenten Project. A donation can be placed in collection bowl leaving Mass. Lenten Projects Cheque to “St Joseph’s Church‘ with memo Lenten Project’.

Your generosity is amazing. May God richly bless you and all close to you.

Marriage Preparation begins today online. Thanks to couple leading course

Collection 21 Feb: Mass Collection€ 589.99.  ADP: € 788; La Quête: € 62.

LENTEN PROJECT Week 1: € 560.12. {including €150 by ADP donations.}

Lenten Project donations: 1. In the ‘Lenten Project Bowl’ as you leave Mass. 2. A cheque to ‘St Joseph’s Church’, memo ‘Lenten Project. 3. By ADP from website and then an email to St Joseph’s so indicate that it is for Lenten Project, as distinct from donations by ADP to St Joseph’s Church. 4. All Shrine Candles donations in Lent for Lenten Project. Website:

Bible Study: Each Wednesday at 10.30 a.m. Contact – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Blog:


Registration for 10 am & 12 noon Sun Mass opens each Monday morning and closes when the permitted number is reached. After that, COVID regulations prevent accepting further registrations.

Some parishioners have no access to the Internet or help of a family member. A real service would be if you register for such a person from your own email.

Signing of names when a person arrives without registering will be discontinued from Sun, 7th March. After that, a person arriving without a registration, will be helped to register for a future Sunday.

Ushers offer a superb service at Sunday Masses. One extra person to assist them at each Mass would be of great help to guide people to their seats and to ensure they remain in their assigned places. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to volunteer.

My Lenten prayer is that present COVID restrictions will keep us safe and well until we can return to ‘open doors’ at St Joseph’s. Appreciation for your understanding. {Aidan}

CCD students will be welcome back online for classes next Sunday. Let us keep them and their families in our prayers.

A Reflection by Aidan, C.P.

The difference between TRANSFIGURE (11) and DISFIGURE (9) is two letters. Jesus goes from the glory of today on the Mount Tabor to degradation on Mount Calvary. Transfiguration easily becomes Disfiguration. This is the price of Love.

Today Jesus hears those words that we all need to hear, ‘my Beloved’. Love killed on Calvary, rose again. Love cannot be killed off forever. Love is to the heart what oxygen is to the lungs. We struggle for breath when the lungs are infected. We struggle to live life to the full when love is absent.

St Peter is a person after my own heart. He was afraid of losing this very beautiful moment. It is my fear when I surrounded by love. Peter’s solution was to pitch three tents – one each for Jesus, Moses and Elijah. Peter did not even ask for a tent for James, John or himself. Peter’s prayer was, ‘may this never end’.

Peter’s shock must have been huge when coming back down to earth, Jesus binds them to silence about this event, ‘until after the Son of Man has risen from the dead’. Where does ‘rising from the dead come from’?

That was a bridge too far for Peter. One day, he told Jesus that this must not happen to Him. He is told in no uncertain terms, ‘get behind me, Satan’. My heart breaks for Peter.

To enter into this amazing event of the Transfiguration, ask yourself, ‘what Transfiguration events have I had? For a fleeting second, did I know and feel that I was loved by God? Did I really hear Jesus in Scripture say that I am a beloved Child of God?

On Tuesday morning last I felt the wonder of being transfigured. By the goodness of God and the care of others, I received my second COVID injection. I didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh so great was my joy. At such times, I realise how blessed I am.

A tinge of sorrow for me is knowing that many people around the world have not the same access to vaccines as we have. Governments must be urged to supply vaccines to people without influence or money to pay. We pray fervently that all will be safe.

Whatever we possess, a lot or a little, our greatest wealth and blessing is that ‘we have God on our side’. Saint Paul assures us all that, ‘we may be certain, that after such a gift, that God will not refuse anything that he can give’. That is why during these tough times, we raise our heads and look around to see our sisters and brothers in their need. We raise them up to God in prayer and know that now they will be cared for by their loving Abba.

It is in our gift to create a better life for another person by simply loving them. Abraham in this extraordinary event learned what it meant to entrust everything to God. Never did God intend to take Isaac’s life. Abraham was not to know this; he touched the boundaries of trust in God.

Sometimes I don’t realise how much Jesus in his humanity trusted in his beloved Father. All those nights in prayers in the hills are a sign of Jesus keeping trust with his Father. On the Cross, Jesus surrenders, ‘Into your hands, I commend my spirit.’ That is total trust. Lent involves giving up, but also giving in to God and knowing that we will be safe in His hands.



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