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5th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2021

5thSunday in Ordinary Time - Year of Saint Joseph
7th February 2021
St Joseph’s Passionist Church
Tel: 01. 42 27 28 56
Aidan, C.P. - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   
Pat, C.P. - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.      

St Joseph’s update: Take care to stay well as a lot of infections remain; the Sunday Mass obligation can be fulfilled by Mass other than on a Sunday.
Sunday Mass registration is week-by-week; your registration will be confirmed by email sent to you.

Collection 31 Jan: Mass Collection € 505.85 ADP : € 850; La Quête: € 72. Passionist Province Christmas Collection: € 4,380. The generosity shown to Passionist Province and to Mass collection, ADP and La Quête is very generous in these difficult times.

Order of Malta annual Leprosy Collection, taken leaving the two Masses last Sunday, was of necessity much lower than previous years. St Joseph’s has added €250 to this collection in support of their great work.

Marriage Preparation online Feb. ’21: Couples wishing to take the course are asked to immediately make contact - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bible Study: Each Wednesday at 10.30 a.m. Contact – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Blog:

CCD Confirmation Retreat last Sat  was a time of joy seeing our Candidates and their parents. CCD teachers led the retreat at St Augustin in a prayerful way. The Enrolment took place during the Mass. Plans are progressing for 1st Reconciliation and Holy Communions. I was glad to join CCD Grade 6 Zoom class last Sunday.   CCD contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Marymount 1st Reconciliation, 10th Feb, 4 pm. Eglise St Jacques, Neuilly.
  • CCD Letters to Bishop Marsset are asked for by 13 Feb. He will get CCD letters in one delivery. All letters to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or in St Joseph’s mailbox at 50 ave Hoche.
  • Confirmation Retreat: Marymount, 13 Feb, from 9.30 am – 12.30 pm.
  • Marymount Enrolment Mass, 17 Feb at 9.00 am in school.
  • CCD 1st Reconciliation, Sat. 13th March at 11.30 am. at St Joseph’s.
  • CCD Confirmation Retreat, 27th March with Bishop Marsset at St Joseph’s and Parents 1-2 pm.
  • Bishop Matthieu Rougé of Nanterre will visit Marymount School on 12th May to discuss Candidates’ letters.
  • CCD 1st Communions 22nd May at 11 a.m., St Joseph’s Church
  • CCD Confirmations 23rd May at 3 pm in St Joseph’s Church with Bishop Philippe Marsset.
  • Marymount Confirmation, 27 May 6.30 pm at Eglise Saint Jacques with Bishop Rougé of Nanterre.
  • Marymount 1st Communions on 29th May at 11 am. at Eglise St Jacques.

Feasts this week: Mon: St Josephine Bakhita; Wed: St Scholastica; Thurs: Our Lady of Lourdes. Saints of God, pray for us.

Ash Wednesday is on 17th February: Masses at 8.30 a.m. and 12noon. Number at each Mass will be limited due to COVID. Vatican has modified distribution of ashes – not on the forehead but can be sprinkled over the head, without saying anything.

Our Lady of Lourdes Feast on Thursday is a Day of Prayer for the Sick. We will remember all our sick parishioners and the many sick in hospital during the pandemic.

A Reflection by Aidan, C.P.

Jesus ‘did’ big events that drew huge crowds. He fed over 5,000 with very little food and all at the one time; filled synagogues to hear him preach; walked on water, calmed storms, raised the dead and restored them to life. If he had wished, he could have gone down in history simply as a ‘wonder-worker’. That was not His aim. He came to give us a start in the Kingdom that will be fully revealed in the afterlife.

Jesus also ‘did’ small, individual events. With the people put out of the room, he raised a little girl to life who had looked dead and gave her back to the overjoyed parents. He chatted in the noonday sun to a Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well, knowing that she had more than a few past marriages. After their chat, she went back to her village to announce that she had found the Messiah. Then this ‘small event’ turned into a gathering of many.

Jesus also did deeply personal ‘events’. He once looked over the beloved city of Jerusalem and shed tears because of her missing out on His presence and its significance. He cried on hearing that his friend, Lazarus, was dead. For Mary and Martha, he raised Lazarus and restored him to his friends, the two sisters to continue the friendship.

Straight from the synagogue, Jesus goes to the family home of Peter, whom He has recently chosen to follow him. Peter is a married man, and his mother-in-law is ill with fever; perhaps it is a symptom of a 1st Century virus? With Andrew, Peter’s blood-brother, Jesus hurries ‘straight to the house.’

Jesus goes to her bedside, ‘took her by the hand, and helped her up and the fever left her.’ Jesus’ beautiful bedside manner is worthy of imitation. Now it is her turn to spring into action, ‘she began to wait on them’, behind ‘closed doors’. How profound this single event is in revealing to us that Jesus stands at the bedside of every sick person. He takes peoples’ hands. Not all recover as did Peter’s mother-in-law, but no one is ever alone in their moment of need.

Usually the hand of Jesus is the nurse’s or doctor’s or relative. You can stand in His place when you care and love as He does. He is in you so that, soon we hope, we can share his comforting touch with others. It is a privilege that being Temples of the Holy Spirit, Jesus comforts others through us.

News of this small private event led to ‘that evening after sunset, they brought to him all who were sick and were possessed by devils. The whole town came crowding round the door.’

Jesus does not get much time to himself! But that is why He came – to be with his people. He cured many and cast our many devils. But He would not allow the devils to speak, ‘because they knew who he was.’ Many humans do not know who Jesus is!

Popularity did not go to Jesus’ head. Next morning long before dawn, He went off to a lonely place to pray. Back on level ground, he is told ‘everybody is looking for you’. His response? ‘Let us go elsewhere so that I can preach there too.’ I love Jesus’ style. Thank you, Lord, for your splendid example.


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