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Baptism Application Form

SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM (babies/infants): Sundays after the 12:30 p.m. Mass, Sept to June (after 12noon Mass in July&August). Contact one of the priests 2 months in advance.
The birth certificate of your child is needed and may be scanned to stjosephparis@wanadoo.fr.

Fill out the Baptismal Application Form below or one displayed in the Reception hall.  Once the parish receives the Form, you will be scheduled for the Baptismal Preparatory Course ( parents and godparents should attend).
The church parish office will then register you.
Please do not schedule or plan a Baptism prior to Registration to avoid disappointment.

Baptism Date Please choose from the following Sundays (To be confirmed by St Joseph’s Church)*
First and Last Names of Child:*
Date of Birth:*
Place of Birth:*
Father's Name:*
Mother's First and Last Name:*
Mother's Maiden (name before Marriage):*
Home Address:*
Phone Number:*
E-mail Address:*
One GodFather:*
Proxy Godfather (If Godfather will not be present):
One Godmother:*
Proxy Godmother (If Godmother will not be present):
Name of your Parish:*
Address of your Parish:*
Have you previously had a child baptised at St Joseph’s Church?*
If, yes, name of any children baptised with the Date(s) of baptism:
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