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Lenten Project

Lenten Project 2019: Grand TOTAL so far = € 23,232.80

At Lenten weekend Masses, collection has been taken after Holy Communion in support of the Lenten Project.

All money donated for shrine candles has been sent to the Lenten Project.
The largest Part (20.000) of our Lenten Project went to support l’Oeuvre d’Orient in rebuilding for families returning home and children’s education in Iraq. Mgr Gollnisch, Director of Oeuvre d'Orient came to St Joseph's to express heartfull Thanks at the 11am Mass last 9 June .

Rest went to St Joseph’s Church to help repair the Pyramid (replace one large window+etancheity on the whole pyramid)

IRAQ: A word from Père Abouna Emmanuel (Mosul):

 « I am from Mosul since generations and proud of my Christian origins in this beautiful town called Nineveh in the Old testament. Because of Daesh arrival, I had to flee with my parishioners, first in Qaraqosh where we had to be refugees in Erbil makeshift camps. During three years, simple priest, I learned the work of running a refugee camp, as I had been nominated by my bishop to look after Ashti Camp 1, one of the largest Christian camp.
After the liberation of Mosul, I started to come back in my town to see our church, my family home and had to assess the amount of damage …
Today, thanks to « l’Œuvre d ’Orient », I started to rebuilt our presbytery to be able to come back living in my dear home town of Mosul.  At the same time, I am helping families willing to come back. So many houses have been destroyed: by fire, bombs, also emptied of their furniture. Thanks to your help, I am able to help and sustain families who wish to come back in the « second town of Iraq »

Saint Joseph's: security Light blocks, pyramid metal&glass, street grid:






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