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Donations to St Joseph's Church:

collections & Lenten project can be done on line below (& La Quête App)
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Lenten Project

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the government regulations, Mass are not available physically in church and therefore no collections are taken for the Lenten Project to Haïti.
If you wish to participate, you can make a transfer using this link :"Donations to St Joseph";
at the same time please send us an email  to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make sure we affect the money to Haïti.
Many thanks for your comprehension & help towards our project, some donations have already been registered since 

Lenten Project 2020 will be for Haiti. Many thanks for your donations so far (€7.336,29):

First Week-end 1 March : 5070,47€
Second Week-end 8 March
: 2265,82€

12 Jan 2010 the devastating earthquake occurred. On 10th Anniversary, we will be able to work with Passionists on the ground.
Fr Rick, C.P. is both a priest and a doctor. He created the St Luke Foundation for Haiti.
St Joseph’s has reached out before to Haiti and some of our parishioners who lived there for four years have agreed to assist & speak at week-end Masses.

Fr Rick Frechette in Haiti wrote 12 Feb.:

Thanks for your message and willingness to open your parish community to us. I created the St Luke Foundation 20 years ago. There are no paid fundraisers for St Luke Foundation, only word of mouth and involvement like your Lenten Project. I do my own work on the streets and margins, medical and emergency, ministry and community development. We need to buy $ 65,000 in medicines each month. A lot of these are for trauma, gunshot injuries, burns and accidents. Each month we depend on donations. This is how we would like to apply your Lenten Project, subsidizing healthcare for the very poor who are in ‘extremis’. 

To contribute to the Lenten Project:

  • A collection at Lent weekend Mass after Communion until and including Easter Sunday, by cash, or a cheque written to ‘St Joseph’s Church’ for Lenten Project, can be put in this collection or sent to St Joseph’s Parish Office.
  • A.D.P. – a cheque to ‘St Joseph’s Church A.D.P.’ for the Lenten Project can be put in collection after Communion or sent to the Parish Office. French Tax benefit applies.
  • The amount raised by Mardi Gras on 22nd February will be put to the Lenten Project.
  • Shrine Candle money in Lent will go to the Lenten Project.

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