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Bulletin Notices 12 March 2017

Lenten Project 2017 at St Joseph’s:

will support three Catholic Organizations for refugees in Paris. ‘La Foundation Notre Dame’ by which Cardinal Vingt-Trois offers people in Paris the opportunity to support a project of Refugee integration through housing. ‘Foundation Caritas France’ promotes conditions for a dignified life for all, regardless of nationality, history or administrative situation. ‘Order of Malta France’ provides assistance with social and legal integration of refugees in France. A collection will be taken at all five weekend Masses in Lent. Lenten Project donations can also be made through A.D.P. giving a tax refund. There are flyers giving information. Please support the Lenten Project again this year and may we all be blessed through this.

Last Weekend’s Lenten Project: € 2,166.70


RCIA Scrutiny Masses during Lent

    • 1.Sunday 19 March at 11.00 Mass
    • 2.Sunday 26 March at 12.30 Mass
    • 3.Sunday 02 April at 11.00 Mass

RCIA at St Joseph’s presented 3 Candidates for the Appel Décisif at Notre Dame last Saturday, accompanied by their sponsors. They will celebrate the Sacraments of Initiation at the Easter Vigil, 15 April and will be joined by 3 Candidates being received into ‘Full Communion’ with the Catholic Church from other Denominations in which they were baptised. Finally, there are 3 further Candidates, baptised in the Catholic Church who will receive Confirmation. RCIA preparation began in October 2016 and continues until Easter. Sincere thanks to Joan and Joe who present classes along with me.

Donations 05/03/2017

  • Collection = €2,780.76
  • ADP = €233.08
  • Ash Wednesday= €1,776.68
  • Gratitude for support. Shrine candle offerings go to Lenten Project.
Collection since January

30th Anniversary of St Joseph’s


Celebration of 30th Anniversary of St Joseph’s will be on Saturday 20th May with Mass at 6pm.

Sit-down meal and entertainment by nationalities in Marymount School.

Tickets will be on sale soon.

Coming up events


mar 17
Friday, 17 Mar St Patrick’s Day: 8.30am Mass; 11am Mass followed by Reception in Hall; 7.30pm Mass & Stations of the Cross.

mar 18
Sat, 18 March: Men’s Spirituality Group, 9am.
Sat, 18 March: Lenten Bible Study 11.30am.

mar 19
Sunday, 19th March: worship and thanksgiving at 3pm will honour St Joseph. €10 offering to Lenten Project. Tickets on sale on the parvis.

mar 20
Pastoral Council: 20th March at 8 p.m.

mar 29
Wed 29 Mar: Lenten Talk by Fr Dwayne Gavin.

apr 1
Sat. 1st April: Baptism Preparation, 11am Mass

mar 19
March 19 Praise / Thanksgiving: at St Joseph’s in support of Lenten Project. Thanks to our ticket sellers and hours of rehearsal being done. Ticket Sales to date: €1,770

Replacement of Windows at St Joseph’s: Before replacing the windows are replaced, the façade of the building will be cleaned. An extraordinary meeting of St Joseph’s and the Offices above will be held on Tues. 11 April.

Bible Study each Wednesday at 10.30am.

Bulletin Notices before 12 noon on Thurs please to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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