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2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time 2021

2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time-17th January 2021     
St Joseph’s Passionist Church

Tel: 01. 42 27 28 56
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Collection 10 Jan: Mass Collection €864.67    ADP : € 1,687; La Quête: € 64. Donations: €900 (anonymous), €400 and €100. Christmas Collection for Passionists of St Patrick’s Province total will be given soon. Your constant generosity to Mass collection and also, anonymous, ADP and La Quête giving by you are greatly appreciated. Voluntary work for St Joseph’s is also a great contribution. Few parishes are as blessed as we are by your generosity. You are in prayers and Masses at St Joseph’s.

Marriage Preparation online Feb. ’21: Couples wishing to take the course are asked to immediately make contact - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bible Study has been progressing since Sept. 2020 online with about 15 participants. Each Wednesday at 10.30 a.m. Contact – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Blog:
My apology for wrong link last week. Aidan

Al Anon, worldwide support group is for those concerned about someone else’s drinking, with 3 meetings in English weekly in Paris. . Phone: 01. 44 07 06 42

CCD has resumed online and our prayers are with students, their families, and their teachers. Reports from teachers after last Sunday give me so much joy and that once again, we are richly blessed. The presence of parents with their children is especially welcome. Thanks for doing this. The dedication shown by all associated with CCD is truly admirable. To contact CCD coordinator: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CCD/Marymount Dates 2021

  • CCD Confirmation Retreat, Sat. 30 Jan, Eglise St Augustine, 9.30 – 3 pm
  • Enrolment Mass, 30 Jan, 2 pm at the end of the Retreat with Parents
  • Marymount 1st Reconciliation, 10th Feb, 4 pm. Eglise St Jacques, Neuilly.
  • CCD Letters to Bishop by 13 Feb
  • Confirmation Retreat: Marymount, 13 Feb, 9.30 am – 12.30 pm.
  • Marymount Enrolment Mass, 17 Feb at 9.00 am in school.
  • CCD 1st Reconciliation, Sat. 13th March at 11.30 am.
  • CCD Confirmation Retreat, 27th March with Bishop Marsset. He wishes to meet Parents, 1-2 pm.
  • Bishop of Nanterre, Marymount on 12th May to discuss letters.
  • CCD 1st Communions 22nd May at 11 a.m., St Joseph’s Church
  • CCD Confirmations 23rd May at 3 pm in St Joseph’s Church.
  • M’mount Confirmation 27 May 6.30 pm at Eglise Saint Jacques.
  • Marymount 1st Communions on 29th May at 11 am.
  • Updates each week as arising.

Update on St Joseph’s Church: with the change of curfew to 6.00 pm, with regret it is not possible to have 6.30 pm Mass on Sat and 6.30 pm Mass on Sunday. The aim is to tackle the infection rate and at St Joseph’s all have done the best we can to keep worshippers safe and well. Our fervent prayer is that when we emerge from this pandemic, we can go back to our ‘open door’ policy as in the past. In our prayers we remember those who have died of COVID and their families. We pray for people all over the world who are suffering, and we support and pray for all who are caring for them.

Refection on Mass Readings

From time to time I am asked, occasionally   by young people, how I knew I was to be a priest. It is a good question. My answer is not as good. The truth is that I still do not know for certain if I have done what God wanted of me in life. But this I do know, that over the past 50 years I have tried, not always with success, to act justly, to love tenderly and to walk humbly with my God. This is based on the prophet Micah’s words.

When asked about my knowing God’s will that I be a priest, I always say that by not being certain about my call to be a priest, has enabled me never to forget that apart from Him, I can do nothing. Equally, I firmly believe that nothing is impossible to God.

Far be it from me to make comparisons with others who have lived faithfully as priests, but I would not change how I have   lived my life as a priest for fear that I would ever think that the ministry of the past 50 years was achieved by me. It was and is His. Thanks be to God for using me as He does.

The gentle exchange between God and the young Samuel sleeping in the Temple is one of great love. God calls ‘Samuel, Samuel!’ and at once out of his sleep Samuel replies, ‘Here I am’. Eli is experienced and it dawns on him that God is calling Samuel. What a wonderful response of Samuel to God, ‘Speak, Lord, your servant is listening.’

All my life as a priest I have known that if I do not listen to the Word, then I have no right to speak. If I do not listen to Him, then the danger is that I speak my own thoughts. But God thoughts and ways are not always our thoughts and ways. That comes from the lips of God and not from me.

Jesus took care with names. Andrew took his brother Simon to Jesus; “he looked hard at him and said, ‘You are Simon son of John; you are to be called Cephas’ – meaning Rock.” A new name for a new mission.

Your calling is also by name, as is mine. The difficulty with language is that because of usage, ‘vocation’ is still linked to priest and religious callings. These are important and treasured vocations. Last Sunday, we saw Jesus being baptised by John in the Jordan. That was how He chose to start off walking among people. Our baptism is the most wonderful moment when we become part of the family of God by loving adoption.

Samuel, Simon Peter, you and I are all named by Jesus in our calling. When people love each other, there can be a privileged moment to give the person we love a secret name that belongs only to them. All human beings bear a name of eternal tenderness which Jesus gives. That secret name, inscribed on a white pebble, will be placed in the palm of our hand in the Kingdom.

As a priest all my life, I have tried to live by the vision of the Book of Revelation, “I will give them a white stone, with a new name written on the stone which no one knows except the one who receives it.’ I will have to wait a while longer before finding out what secret name God has on my white stone. My hope is that in some way I will have lived up to God’s name for me.

Cephas was the name of love that which the Son of Man reserved for Simon. Now the responsibility was for Peter to live and serve in such a way that He becomes the Rock for others and for the community. What encourages me looking at my failures over the past 50 years, is that it was not all plain sailing for Peter trying to live up to the love name that Jesus gave him.

He denied Jesus three times, he was compared to Satan, tried to walk on water and almost drowned, he fell asleep in the Garden of Gethsemane. Yet he is a Saint. What a meeting it must have been in the Kingdom when Peter embraces Jesus for all eternity as the Son of God and Saviour? We can help each other to go on believing that our names are on white stones.             Aidan                                



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