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1st Sunday of Advent-29nov2020

First Sunday of Advent - Year B
29th November 2020
St Joseph’s Passionist Church
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Reopening of St Joseph’s Church

This weekend we begin a New Year in the life of God’s people at the start of the Season of Advent. We look forward to the Birth of Christ and we also remain watchful for His Second Coming. We will welcome the new-born Jesus in four weeks. We do not know when Jesus will come at the end of time and hand over this world to the Father. “No ear has heard; no eye has seen any god but you, act like this for those who trust God.” [Isaiah in 1st Reading]

This New Year of the Church will begin differently. We continue amid a global pandemic. People around the world have died and family and friends grieve.

Many have been in hospital; recovery can be a long road. Vaccines are on the horizon and we thank God for the great efforts of those who have worked on these. All now hope that in the coming year health will not be as vulnerable to the virus anymore. We must continue to help each other to remain healthy.

The most recent health regulations of this week are introduced to protect from infection. For the reopening of places of worship, a maximum of 30 people can be present at a Mass. Before now, the number who could be present was calculated on keeping people being a safe distance apart.

Then the number at Mass reflected the size of the church building. At St Joseph’s, 100 people could participate at a Mass. 30 people is now the maximum who can be present. Prior to the pandemic, 5 weekend Masses had over 2,000 present.

So, this weekend at each Mass about 400 people cannot attend if they wish. Many have wisely decided to continue online or to receive the Eucharist at a weekday Mass. If St Joseph’s were to offer Masses for our previous numbers, about 60 extra Masses each weekend would be needed.

There are people without access to the   Internet; people confused by all this and not knowing what is happening. Parishes are being put in the position of having to refuse people access to church for Mass.

As a health protection this approach may be good.  From a religious perspective, it is difficult. At St Joseph’s, pre-registration is generously cared for by a parishioner who does an excellent job. Within a short time of the preregistration opening on Wednesday for weekend Mass, it had to be closed as the number was reached.

My personal opinion is that the response to a regulation of 30 being allowed at a Mass, should be for Bishops to instruct churches to remain closed this weekend until such time as a change to this number is made. Nobody else may agree with me; these comments are mine alone.

My two objectives in this area are:

  • To do all possible to avoid any infection happening.
  • To include many as possible.

All is being done at St Joseph’s to reduce disappointment or hurt that may be felt, and to express how sorry I am about this.
[Aidan, C.P.]

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, All daily and weekend Masses on YouTube from will continue.

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RCIA on Thurs. 7 – 8 p.m.
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: The grille/grid of the offices is   installed. St Joseph’s grille/grid repairs are scheduled for next month.

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Phone : 01. 42 27 28 56

Christmas arrangements still on hold. ‘Giving Tree’ will begin soon, for donating Christmas gifts for children.

 Passionist Jubilee Year – 300th Anniversary of Foundation – 22 Nov. 2020 – 1 January 2022_               


This Holy Year began with opening of the Holy Door at Ss John & Paul’s, Rome last Sunday.
Theme chosen for the Jubilee is: Renewing mission: Gratitude, Prophecy and Hope.
There are 1,903 Passionist Religious in 400 communities, in 63 countries.

Passionist Mission in the world is to:

  • Keep alive the Memory of the Passion by words and deeds
  • Proclaim the victory of Love and Joy of the Gospel and share the joys and sorrows of all humanity.
  • To offer consolation and to be present to all who are suffering

Websites for Jubilee material:
[Rome] [St Patrick’s/Dublin] [Jubilee website]

Collections: ADP € 3,647; La Quête:  €70. Thanks for such great generosity.
Feast days this week
: Mon: St Andrew; Thursday: St Francis Xavier.
Ministries are continuing with most still online. Great appreciation for all that is being done to keep our community together during these challenging times.

Pope Francis to the Passionists:
“The Mother of the Crucified-Risen One, a figure of the Church, a Virgin who listens, prays, offers, and generates life, is the permanent memory of Jesus, especially of his Passion. I entrust you to her and, invoking the intercession of your Founder, Saint Paul of the Cross, and of each Passionist Saint and Blessed, I wholeheartedly impart the Apostolic Blessing upon the entire Passionist family and on all those who will participate in the various celebrations of your solemn Jubilee.”
Full text on:  19/11/2020


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