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Scripture Reflection 5 july 2020

Reflection* {only view of Aidan Troy}

God endows some people with great learning and cleverness. They are needed in our midst. Others have less of both. It might be assumed that more learning and cleverness put that person in top place in God’s eyes. God’s ways are not always our ways.

God came among us in Jesus not as an adult of unsurpassed learning and cleverness. Such a starting point for Redemption, coming like a Solomon filled with wisdom or an Elijah with words of prophecy, might have made it easier for the Chosen People to accept Him as God incarnate.

In contrast, God comes on earth after 9 months in the womb of a young mother called Mary. His first cry is in a stable. Shepherds come to visit as do Magi from the East. Angels sing and rejoice and then Joseph and Mary flee into Egypt to avoid the slaughter of the Innocents. What an amazing start!

This was the way God wanted it to happen and the Scriptures foretold this in a veiled way. Centuries before Christ, Isaiah prophesied that “a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and his name shall be called Emmanuel, which means, God with us.” [Mt1:23]

It takes a shift in thinking to realise that God comes among us out of pure love, with no pay off for God. He comes not because He needs to but because of our need. Jesus is born 100% dependent. He is born with all the needs of every new-born. In His humanity, he was like you and me except that He had no sin. Otherwise, the path ahead of Jesus was to grow in wisdom and understanding. Being divine, he did not cling to this but emptied himself for our sake, even to the point of becoming a servant.

In God’s eyes we are His children for as long as we live. From womb to tomb, God cares for us as a loving parent does for their child. God is attached to us by a bond that cannot be broken. He sees his own image in each of us. His attachment to us is as it was to His Son from Crib to Cross.

We all change, and some people go on to climb to the heights of learning and achievement. Others of us live with less spectacular achievements. But all of us are blessed by God not because of what one has achieved but because God sees us all as beloved. Appreciate what is said of you by Jesus in prayer to His Father:

“I bless you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, for hiding these things from the learned and the clever and revealing them to mere children. Yes, Father, for that is what it pleased you to do.” [Mt 11:25-26 at Mass today]

There is something reassuring about this promise of Jesus as He looks at each of us. We matter because of His love and not our achievements.

This pattern of God caring for His children goes on until the day we are called home. In the face of death each of us will revert to being as dependent as a child at birth. We will be cared for by others when we can no longer care for ourselves. Then will come the moment when Jesus will gather us into His arms as Mary once gathered him into her arms at birth.

We will be carried, we pray, to God’s Throne and Jesus will present us to His Father, ‘here is your beloved child come to possess the place prepared since the foundation of the world’. We can then rest in His love and peace.


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