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12th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2020

A Reflection* {only view of Aidan Troy}

There is a book waiting to be written with a working title, ‘God’s Hidden Graces of COVID19’. The Introduction should honour all who died and those bereaved during this distressing time in our world. May they rest in peace; may their loved ones go on living in their memory. The Book would be dedicated to the brave people who gave their all in caring for others.

God opens the eyes of the ‘blind’:  

The Scriptures show me the wonders that God is working among us. An intense sense of newness is in the air. In my years at St Joseph’s I saw the Spirit active among us. I made the mistake of taking this for granted and called it ‘normal’. Your absence during lockdown, revealed to me the ‘miracle’ of what happens here day in, day out.

The Humble will conquer the earth: Hidden and unnoticed until lockdown, there were people who became key players in a changed world. They were not big names of newspaper gossip columns. God says that the humble will conquer the earth and they have. These people studied medical charts, baked bread in ovens, drove buses and trains and were street cleaners, while others studied stocks & shares on monitors. ‘Little’ people are small enough to go through the ‘eye of a needle’ which is not true of us all.

God always values all His people:

There are people in every parish, also at St Joseph’s, who feel they do not count for much. This may not be true, but their perception is truth for them. They do not complain about feeling of little value, just accept it. For some lockdown brought a new ‘belonging’.

Rediscovery of the Domestic Church:

During lockdown at home, many felt an intimacy of being valued by family and, also by Jesus. They discovered a ‘domestic church’ where they know they belong and are loved.

When back to the church community, their faith will be stronger and can rejoice in being as good as the next person. Once back, I must look out for quiet people who belong to no group, but matter totally to Jesus.

Worth more than 100’s of sparrows”:

Among us are people with little going for them in terms of this world.  At Mass online, they discovered Spiritual Communion, as truly welcoming their Creator and Saviour into their hearts and homes. In God’s book, ‘grade’, ‘status’, ‘importance’ has no place. In God’s eyes we are all ‘sparrows’. In future, I will try to be more sensitive to those I see but do not recognise. If such people do speak, they may say of me, ‘he   always seems to be so busy.” O God, give me the grace to be less busy and to give them more time.

A ’new’ St Joseph’s born in lockdown?

For the first time in 12 years here, I took part in three Sunday CCD classes online; what joy for me to see smiling faces and get great questions! These are moments of grace beyond words. May 2016 YouTube began here. Since then the seeds of God’s Kingdom have been sown ‘to the ends of the earth.’ Analysis of online participation by households and vulnerable people may reveal the Spirit among us. [See boxed section opposite for more.]

‘Laudato Si’ five years on: The earth once again began to breathe with greater ease than for decades. The sun shone where before there was only smog.

Smiles during lockdown: Pilate gave the washing of hands a ‘bad name’. Now it is essential for our survival. In past times we were not to hide behind our ‘masks’. Masks are also rehabilitated. St Paul was converted by Jesus on the

De-mask-us’ Road!  Sorry, Damascus.


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