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Trinity Sunday 7 June 2020

A Reflection* {only view of Aidan Troy}

Artists and icon painters have tried, authors too; preachers gone hoarse, all trying to express something of the Triune God. They are to be admired and applauded for their efforts. But like the little boy trying to empty the ocean with his bucket, none of us will ever succeed in fully grasping this mystery. You cannot do it from “outside” the Trinity. If only the little had seen something of the enormity of the ocean, he might have put his bucket down and made sandcastles.

We cannot speak about God until we learn to speak to  Him. God has spoken first, and His word created us and this wonderful universe. He had a plan for the Creation and us creatures. It fell to pieces not because it was not a good plan, but because human free will gave in to temptation and followed the lure of evil.

At that point, God could have said it was enough and simply abandoned or annihilated the whole human race. Being God, He could have created another race and started all over again. He did not but sent His Son to bring us back to our senses and His original plan of bringing us to Heaven.

The Son is the Word of God. God never stops talking to us. That is why I say that the only way into the mystery of the Trinity is to listen to His Word and to speak to Him. Once we listen and speak to God, an appreciation of the Trinity will gradually dawn on us.

A first moment in prayer may be when it comes to us that we are welcomed by God not because we are perfect, but because we have been adopted as members of the Triune God.

When the churches were closed for almost three months, an impatience grew to reopen them. Medical and allied fields advise us on this. All that time, we were living with the true presence of God within us without any break. God loves us so much that He lives in us as truly as in the church.

Each one of us is a Temple of the Holy Spirit. No virus can close us down and if it does, will still not win, because at that moment we go to God for all eternity. That is why we were created in the first place. ‘Life to the full’ will always be God’s dream for His people.

We are family in the Family of God. Through His ‘veins’ course pure Love. Out of that same love, the Trinity loved this world and each of us into existence. God did not start with a building or a Liturgy, but with people whose lives all matter equally to Him. One vocation is common to all – to love till it hurts, even to the Cross.

When it comes to skin colour, God is ‘colour-blind’, loving all colours equally. God, creator of all races, does not ‘do’ racism. Injustice breaks God’s heart, reminding Him of the Cross. At Pentecost, the Spirit gives a language that all people, in their differences, understand. Love is His universal language while racism, discrimination or labelling others is a language that God never uses; neither should we.

God wishes His people back into churches only when safe for us to be together. He then wants us to go out from our churches fired with the Spirit of love and justice. He made each of us a Temple of the Holy Spirit, always open without restrictions to loving.

[Him, He, are used of God here, but to be taken with gender inclusivity. A.T.]


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