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6th Sunday of Easter

6th Sunday of Easter, 17 May 2020     * Month of Mary, Our Mother *

A Reflection {only view of Aidan Troy}

During this pandemic through which we are living, the world as we knew it ceased. 300,000 of our sisters and brothers around the world were taken in death, and since 1st March 27,00 of these in France. Shops ceased trading. Church buildings closed. A haircut was not possible, and children did not go to school. Lecture halls in universities fell silent with exams just around the corner. Families were confined to the space of their home and going out could only be done with a government document in your pocket. A world that was ours and seen as normal, ended.

A new world emerged. High profile people in finance and business were now in new territory while politicians struggled for words and policies. Now it was medical and scientific people who were asked for advice on which decisions for all of us would be made. Media has a worldwide story, but like the virus it is reporting, it is hard to define, capture or explain in detail.

A new breed of heroes is recognised as they emerged from the shadows of low pay, cutbacks, and often scant regard in the world’s pecking order. These heroes are different as they are not in the business of being heroic. These people do not wear capes nor fly. They wear ‘scrubs’, hospital uniforms, masks, while others wash floors and hospital and care-home bed linen. Still others produce and deliver food for us to eat. Transport keeps going by people who get up early so that key front-line workers can travel. Security services are on our streets and priests, behind closed doors, celebrate Mass online. Millions of people pray and care. The world created by God is recovering a little of its original intent and beauty.

Apart from Christmas and holidays, families are now spending more time together, some in confined spaces. The risk of violence among people increases. Others rediscover each other, and from looking down at a screen more and more look at each other, eye contact is the new normal.

In this new world, often confusing and with fear, God was and is not absent. Neither is God angry nor punishing us. As at the dawn of creation, the pace of His world is paused to give us time to rediscover and regain what we had forgotten of His original dream. The environment gets a chance to breathe again and some animals come to our towns and cities to look at us, instead of us going to look at them. It was and is a new world.

One morning recently during prayer, it came to me that if God calls me home what have I of value as my life ends? All my “achievements” are like dust and all my “causes” will continue without me. I began to smile as I realised that at the end, all I will have left is love. But love is all. Because God is love. Of all that has made up my life for over 70 years, only what I have lived and done in love will last. The rest like the morning dew will have gone without trace. St Paul put it better, ‘the greatest of these is love’.

All I have left is love. As the world begins to speed-up again from being paused, I pray that we do not rush to recapture the ‘normal’ of the past. A new world, a different church, happier families and justice and peace for all peoples, could be the surprise graces of Covid19 and become our agenda. That could be the legacy of 2020, when we heard God reminding us that we were created in love, to live and die in love. That is our only hope.


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