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Epiphany of Our Lord 2020

A Happy 2020 to all.

A few thoughts from Aidan Troy, C.P.

In some countries the Epiphany of Our Lord is their ‘real’ Christmas. For us it is also very real because today the veil has been lifted. East and West meet in those who followed their star and found the Light of the world. Theirs was a journey they did not need to make but chose to seek why this star had appeared.

Those first seeks of light got lost and bumped into Herod. They almost ‘let the cat out of the bag’ about Jesus whom Herod would seek to eliminate. They did not and went home by a different route. In seeking the Light, I too can take a wrong turn. A guiding star has saved me on many occasions.

When I was growing up, we looked in wonder at ‘film stars’ and wondered what it would be like to be a star?

The kernel of today’s feast of the Epiphany is that we are God’s stars. It is true and He has named and blessed us so that we can:

  • Be a light for other in a world that can seem clouded
  • Evangelise others by our own good example
  • Live Gospel values even in a hostile environment
  • Be God’s gift for those who need to feel they are loved.

We don’t come to Mass on this great feast with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. These were the best possible they had, and they brought them as a sign of respect. There is a recognition that this is a King to be worshipped but who will one day face death and the tomb. Little could they have known the details that this was the most amazing revelation of God’s saving His people by sending His Son.

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh are not ours to offer. More intimate and of eternal value is a loving heart, an open mind and a body through which others glimpse the Body of Christ. Our bodies are carriers of His Spirit; in Holy Communion we become the tabernacle of His presence in the world. We show the way now as the star led the searchers from the East to the presence of Jesus.

To be a star today is not easy. There are many competing lights. To be a star today will not necessarily seem glamorous but the world needs stars:

  • S = Sacrifice as shown by parents; helping people who are down; giving something up to that others may live
  • T = Thanksgiving for all we receive from God and others. I received gifts at Christmas, but you are the greatest gift that I ever received.
  • A = Adoration offered to God for being God, creating and saving us and leading us into the fullness of life.
  • R = Respect for each other. Forgive me for my failures to respect you. Help us join hands and hearts to be the stars that God made us to be.


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