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25th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2019

A few thoughts – Aidan Troy, C.P.

Once each year at St Joseph’s we have an ‘Information Day’. It is a day of welcome to new people and a regrouping going forward as a Christian community. The International Food fest in the garden will be from after 9.30 Mass until about 2.30 p.m.

A danger for me is that I see life in ‘compartments’ – God in Heaven; the devil in Hell and in between, we on Earth. But the boundaries are not as secure as I imagine them to be.

When we come out from Mass this and every weekend, we have already been in contact with Heaven. Every Mass is a share in the liturgy before the Throne of God in Heaven. There is not a God in Heaven who is locked up and watching us on Earth. No, in the crowds as we leave Mass this Sunday, Jesus walks with us into the garden. He is at every table and standing as part of the chat where two or three are gathered and He delights in being part of our conversations.

Not recognising that Jesus is always with us, individually and together, is not His fault. It is mine. I keep Him at a distance because……well, maybe you can finish that sentence? I choose to keep Him at a distance because I never feel worthy. I know that this is not correct, but it is how I was trained becoming a priest. In better moments, I know that He loves me to bits! He loves all of us even to the Cross.

Back to our Information Day today! Jesus has ‘In-Formation’ for us. He wants to ‘Trans-Form’ His people, the environment and save our planet. The number one need in Church today is formation in holiness. The church and the world urgently need saints – people like you fully alive and walking with each other and with Jesus.

That is our Mission. Ministry, from sweeping the floor of the church to prayer and every Mass offered in St Joseph’s, has this as its aim. Ministry is any of us walking with others to help all of us to grow in holiness.

Jesus has no absolute need of any one of us to serve in a ministry. He has chosen to need us. Many generous people hear His call and step forward to walk alongside others on the road that always leads through Calvary to the glory of Resurrection.

The key to all Ministries is that each is a share in the work of the Holy Spirit. At St Joseph’s you never cease to amaze me, leaving me humbled by your generous love, and willingness to serve. You are truly an inspiration.

Inspiration in its root meaning is that you are transmitters of the Holy Spirit to me and others. A lovely aspect is that often you don’t know that you are doing this. You need to be told how good you truly are.

This is how God is ‘Trans-Forming’ the world from war to peace, from slavery to freedom, from injustice to care and love. All people whom God has created can save the world and save this planet. St Joseph’s will soon put forward some thoughts and actions inspired by Pope Francis’ ‘Laudato Si’.

No Information Day could capture the ‘hidden ministering’ that happens at St Joseph’s. It is my privilege to know something about people quietly looking and reach out to others who need a hand and a warm heart to love them. This is what I believe St Paul of the Cross started 300 years ago as the radical mission of all who share in the Charism of the Passion – that is all of us. Thank God and thank you.



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