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22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time 2019

Greetings from Aidan Troy

Last time I was in contact by the Bulletin was on 2nd June. While it was good having a few months without a deadline each week, I missed hearing from you by word of mouth and often by email. When I penned the June Bulletin, I thought that it could be my final one – it was not as you and I now know. No other Passionist has been assigned to St Joseph’s since last summer. But there are other issues that are more important in the life of St Joseph’s.

We are witnessing an increase in numbers coming to Masses at St Joseph’s at weekends. Thank God for this blessing. CCD and other outreaches are thriving. Our path as God’s people, living in the heart of Paris, is to fulfil Jesus’ call to go out to the whole world and proclaim the good news.   

It always brings joy to my heart when people contact St Joseph’s from near and far. In this our 150th Anniversary, wouldn’t it be great if an individual or group could update our contact list with former parishioners? This would not be with a view to fund raising, but to listen to them and share our story with each other. So many still feel that they belong to St Joseph’s.

At the next Parish Pastoral Council meeting on 16th September and at Parish meeting on 6th October, your views will be welcomed on a 3 to 5-year pastoral plan, as was done years ago in ‘Future Search’.

Simple Gospel values are ours to claim and develop. A parish survey some years ago unearthed a rich agenda of issues worked on by the Pastoral Council in many meetings. Our “Conversations” of last year and this, requested by the Provincial Chapter and by current Passionist leadership, continues our search with our “Fourth Conversation” on 6th Oct. in the Parish Hall. We are a truly blessed parish with a Mission that retains all its validity.

The Word of God this weekend, speaks powerfully about humility in our lives. “Humility” sounds perhaps ‘old-fashioned’. For me, humility is recognising that Jesus is the Truth and trying to live that truth about myself, ready to listen to and respect your truth. The truth is a Person, Jesus.

There is nothing weak about humility. Look at Mary who is a model of humility. She could have been pumped up with pride, but instead she recognised that God casts down the mighty from their thrones and raises the lowly. Mary shows this by her life with Jesus.

When I think about her years at Nazareth with Jesus and Joseph; they lived their calling in seclusion and simplicity. When Jesus did leave home, Mary did not become a ‘Celebrity Mom’. She walked every step of the way with her Son and when the walk led to Calvary, she did not run away. She lived the truth in love. For me, that is Humility in its purest form.


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