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1st Sunday in Advent 2018


Dear Sister, Brother in Christ,

Since 1869, the Passionists have served at St Joseph’s. Next year we will be celebrating 150 years since the beginning of the journey that has brought us to this day. What we are today is built on this history.

As Advent 2018 dawns, along with the Parish Pastoral Council I invite you to a ‘Conversation’ about our life at St Joseph’s. Times change; priests are moved to other places; families and individuals finish in Paris; some people stay many years. Blessed be God for each person who was here, is here and whom God will send in the next 150 years!

The present time is God’s gift. Our Mission Anglophone has always been a partnership between parishioners, tourists or whoever joins us and the Passionists assigned to St Joseph’s. Since August one Passionist is assigned here. Our present reflection seeks to develop our partnership in which all are called to share our life and talents for Jesus’ Kingdom.

Just as Pope Francis has a ‘Synod of Bishops’, so our Mission Anglophone next weekend will begin our ‘Synod’ in which the principal guide will be the Holy Spirit. You are asked to come along and to share the gifts God has given you. Some of us have only a little, but together we can continue building the Kingdom of God started here in 1869.

Let’s get together to continue the journey next Sunday – Hall at 1.30 p.m. Refreshments served and maybe you can bring some to share.

Aidan Troy, C.P.

First Sunday of Advent 2018
(On behalf of the Pastoral Council of St Joseph’s and the Passionists of St Patrick’s Province)

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