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32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time 2018

Weekend Reflection – for you.  Aidan Troy, C.P. - just my view!

Neither of the widows in the Readings today are given a name. Is it because once their husbands were dead, they were no longer of any great importance in their society? I don’t know. But this I do know, that they have inspired me and perhaps generations of believers who have read or heard their story.

It is easy to take inspiration from the great heroes of our age and of history. Just think of those who have inspired you and still do. I have my favourites as you probably do. Most of these are unknown to church and world.

Lurking around the corner of every town and village, of every parish, there are truly amazing people who have a streak of generosity that is truly great. Think of some of the people who have inspired you most and whose names are not known outside of a handful of people.

Patients in a Dublin hospital told me of the loving care and fellow-feeling for sick people shown by a lady cleaner. She was great with people afraid of going for surgery or recovering from a great loss. She gave them her heart and in that she gave hope. She was also a great cleaner.

Both widows in the Readings today had little to give, but what they had they gave. It is a divine truth that the more we give, the richer we become. There may be no increase in our possessions, but in return we receive a peace and joy from God that defies reason.

Jesus gave His life not because he was forced to do so, but because he loves.

This basic pattern of Jesus I forget. Hoarding, saving for the “rainy day” are part of my ‘insurance’. To give like these great widows did, makes me blush. I am not in their league. I would love to be as selfless as they were, but I am not.

I’ll never had nor ever will have great possessions. But my greatest selfishness is my meanness with what God has given me freely, for no charge, to be used generously for others.

He has given me TIME that I can keep for my own interests and pursuits and only give you whatever time I have over.

He has given me a HEART to love you. Self-love is so much easier for me than loving you and all who cross my path. In my selfishness, I can love those who love me and ignore those who do not.

He has given me FAITH, totally freely, to be shared and spread. My religion I can reduce to solely seeking after my death a blissful Heaven and avoiding Hell. Faith is to be spread, not selfishly hoarded.

He gives me Daily Bread’ as I pray in the Our Father. I eat it all and leave not even the crumbs for those who have none.

He has given me Tears to shed. I shed many tears selfishly for myself but not for you and all those who are suffering beyond anything I have ever endured.

He has ADOPTED me as His child blessed beyond measure. Yet, I often fail to live up to what is expected of a child of God.

He, Jesus THE PRIEST, gives a share in this to chosen men like me. Use of titles, promotion ambitions, clericalism, abuse of power, have sadly cast a shadow over the face of Christ’s Body, His Church. Forgive me, Lord, in your mercy.


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