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St Pierre Julien Eymard: Our neighbour!

The Blessed Sacrament Fathers are our neighbours on 23, avenue Friedland, Paris 8ème, their chapel "Corpus Christi" is open to the public for prayers. One can also attend daily Mass there at 6:30pm (Sunday 11am & 6:30pm).

Our friendship dates back to that time when the parish was rue de Berry, before moving to 50 avenue Hoche.

They are celebrating this summer 2018 the 150 years of the death of their founder : St Pierre Julien Eymard, who died 1st August 1868.

He was declared Saint by Pope John XXIII amidst the Vatican II Council in 1962. Pope John Paul II registered his name in the Saints calendar of the Universal Church, on 2nd August, recognizing him as "Apostle of the Eucharist".


Hozana is having a prayer novena on line from 25th July to 2nd August:


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