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11th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2018

Reflection by Aidan Troy [Aodhán O Troighthigh] Please note: only the view of the above.

Jesus, as second Person of the Blessed Trinity, took part in Creation. What a magnificent work of God! It is huge, and we may not yet know the full extent of God’s work. Creation is given to us all and that is a huge responsibility; each generation must guard creation and hand it on.

Jesus, as Son of God incarnate, came among us to restore us in God’s original plan. This time, Jesus worked with the small rather than the big. First, His birth was in an outhouse due to overcrowding caused by a census. His first visitors were shepherds, not at the top of the social ladder! But, this is what God wanted.

Almost immediately Jesus, with Mary and Joseph, are refugees in Egypt. In time, they return home to Nazareth. For the next almost 30 years, Jesus lives at home and becomes familiar with the work of Joseph, a carpenter.

Then, He emerges with none of the signs of power. He is the opposite – simple, humble, and close to the poor. His model for His Father’s Kingdom is not a powerful adult. It is a child to whom the Kingdom belongs.

It would be a mistake to think that Jesus would have done better if he taken the high road of power. He knew what He was doing!

 Without insulting you, I ask you to see yourself as a seed thrown on the ground. You disappear and seem to die until a first shoot appears. Then an ear follows, and finally the full grain. It’s a slow process and hidden. Others will not know the Divine work going on in our heart and soul.

But, this is what is happening to you under a loving and caring God. Your growth is real and will continue into eternity. A Stock Exchange or a National Parliament is also real. But, one day they will end to be no more.

When Jesus brings growth into our lives, He does so to give us joy and peace. More than that, the growth is so that we can reach out to others and help them become aware of the hidden work of God in their hearts and souls. No one created by God is left to their own devices. God, the Creator, stays always with creation.

Just as a mustard seed goes from the smallest seed to become the biggest shrub, so we are called to be shelters for people who are most needy. This, to me, is a model of church for today.

There were times in the past when ‘pomp and ceremony’ was the order of the day. No longer is this so. We are, thank God, called to be a humbler community of believers. Like Jesus, we are called to be ‘small’ rather than ‘powerful’, as likely to be at the margins as in palaces. But, that is the example Jesus has left us.

Perhaps a joy of Heaven will be the discovery of how much good people are doing in secret. Heaven will fill people with joy as God addresses them as a ‘Saint’! We are all sinners, but we are struggling to be saints.

God is patient. Just as the farmer must wait for the harvest, God has infinite patience with each of us. Each of us is called to be patient with others. Each of us is called to be patient with ourselves. God knows what He is doing in our lives. He never leaves us to struggle alone.


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