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Feast of Pentecost 2018

Reflection by Aidan Troy [Aodhán O Troighthigh] Please note: only the view of the above.

This weekend at St Joseph’s is one of unsurpassed joy. It is a most blessed time with First Holy Communion on Saturday and Confirmation today. It is way beyond my poor words to capture. My belief tells me that the breath of the Holy Spirit is in the air. Come, Holy Spirit!

If there is a shadow over this joy it comes from what is happening in our world. Last weekend, worshippers in Indonesia were targets at Mass and other religious liturgies. Conflict in the land and city, Jerusalem, where the Holy Spirit first came on the infant church, shows how elusive trust and peace can be. Come, Holy Spirit sent today on your Church, continue to work in the world.

The Holy Spirit is needed in the heart of the Body of Christ, our Church. The hierarchy of Chile is called to Rome to address the tragic situation of the church in their dioceses. Not so many years ago, it was the hierarchy from Ireland that was called to Rome for the same reason. Come, Holy Spirit, and bind up the wounds on the Body of Christ today. May God’s little ones, that He loves so dearly and so tenderly, be always safe.

Pentecost fills us with wonder and awe, as the Spirit breathes upon us in this sacred place. Welcome Holy Spirit!

There can be a coldness about religious practice that can leave people who seek God to pass us bye and look elsewhere. Our hearts need to be set on fire by the tongues of fire of this great Feast. Come; Holy Spirit and rest on my head this day. Penetrate my heart and set it aflame like the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Thaw my coldness.

The many languages on the day of Pentecost spoken, was a miracle of hearing rather than one of speaking. Come Holy Spirit and open my ears to your word. Open my ears and my heart to the prophets living in our community who have a message from You for us.

The Holy Spirit celebrated today is the Third Person of the Trinity revealing the love between Father and Son. Holy Spirit does not live in a world of ghosts and shadows but in a home, which is a Temple. We are the Temples. There is more to people than appearances and looks.

Those we know and love, we appreciate for their inner beauty and love. Each of us is a Temple and provides a home for the Spirit. Come home Holy Spirit to my heart. Where there is a lack of warmth, please bring me your fire so that other people may know that God is in our midst. Make me daily worthier of carrying you in my heart.

My hope and prayers are that many communities will be as blessed as St Joseph’s is today.  


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