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Lent 2018

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Lenten Project 2018

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Lenten Project 2018

Saint Joseph's Parish 2018 Lenten Project starts on February 15th .  Please Note last Saturday 10th Feb Pre-Lenten Parish Social after the 6:30pm Mass has offered all proceeds will go to the project: 1954€. Also a pre-donation of 100€.

A brief outline with background:-

St. Gemma Matriculation School is in Randham Korattur Village, Tamil Nadu, South India. The school is run by the Passionists & reaches out to 750 children with enrolments increasing year on year. It caters to around 65 villages, hamlets and settlements scattered within an 18kms radius with a population of over 31,500 persons with 1100 of them being Christians. The population consists mostly of labourers and peasants engaged in subsistence seasonal farming heavily dependent on rains. Others are engaged as modest livestock herders and small-scale home industries.

The entire district is basically an impoverished area with most living in impecuniosity; that meant children were required to work instead of studying. The Passionists run the school with lower fees and by raising parents awareness by counselling them that education will provide better lives thereby uplifting themselves and their families, this has yielded better attendances.

Hot and dry weather round the year and the average temperature ranges from a maximum of 43.5°C to a seldom minimum of 18.4°C. The monsoons generally are between mid-June and September. Hottest months being April through mid-June

The revised project plan is to serve 2 classrooms in a one storey building (ground and first). This is to include the foundation with basic classrooms.

The total cost is outlined to be in the region of €25,000/- covering 1,246 square feet.



  • Tax rebate of up to 66% of donated amount on your next year’s (2018-19) French income taxes declaration by paying through ADP. For more info, ask the Lenten committee or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • The second collection baskets are specifically for the Lenten Project.
  • Cheques: the order should read: " ADP St Joseph"  & also at the back write "for Lenten projet". Place in basket, give to Lenten committee, priests or send to St Joseph's,50av Hoche,75008PARIS
  • Direct donations on line from our website (opening blue page left corner) & also send an email to stjosephparis@ wanadoo.fr  explaining you made this donation for the Lenten Project (otherwise we think it is for st Joseph's).
    Also see posters within the church, flyer or speak to Pastoral Council Members)

Video of the Christmas at the School

Video of the Indian Republic Day at the School




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