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Bulletin Notices 14Jan 2018

FEED THE HOMELESS CHANGE OF DATE: Now Sun, 21 Jan, 1.30 pm in Hall to prepare food. [Changed from Sat morning 20 Jan]

YAM Welcome Back also on 21 Jan

Parish General Meeting on Sunday, 28 January 2018 at 1.30 p.m.: all are invited to this parish gathering. The purpose: reflect and talk together about St Joseph’s. Pastoral Council has given support to this meeting. Send to the parish office topics for meetingThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Financial Statement will be given for your information. The Synod of Bishops, Oct 2018 on Young People and Vocations could be discussed. Lenten Project 2018 will be presented. Ash Wednesday is on 14th February 2018. Food will be served; if you can bring some to share, it will be appreciated. [Aidan]

Collections: 7 Jan: €2,501.54; ADP: €713.  

Pre-Lenten Parish Social – <Mardi Gras> -  on Sat 10th February after 6.30 p.m. Mass in the Parish Hall. This event is open to all who wish to celebrate with us before the season of Lent. Tickets going on sale at weekend. See Posters.

ACWO ‘Pot Luck’ Lunch in St Joseph’s Hall on 18 Jan at 12.30 pm. All welcome.

Papal Visit to Chile and Peru: please pray for Pope Francis on this visit to South America.

Feasts: Mon: St Remi; Tues: Saint-Denis; Mary Refuge of Sinners; Wed: St Anthony; Sat: Ss. Fabian & Sebastien.

RCIA on Thursday, 18th Jan at 8 p.m.

Bible Study resumes Wed. 17 Jan at 10.30 a.m.

Passionist Assembly USA: Fr Francis will take part in this, 15 - 20 Jan. Please keep in prayer.

Confirmation CCD/Marymount Retreat on 27 Jan at St Augustine’s. Planning meeting this Sun, 14 Jan at St Joseph’s at 12 noon.

Passionist Congregation Christmas Collection at 4 Christmas Masses: Thanks to all who contributed to this annual collection. Total will be published next week.

Parish Pastoral Council Meeting 29 Jan at 8 pm

Updated Parish Calendar available for your use

Christian Unity Week, 18 – 25 Jan. Prayer each day on this year’s theme: “Your Right Hand, O Lord, Glorious in Power.” [Exodus 15:6]

We welcome Michel Aupetit as Archbishop of Paris and pray for him as our Shepherd:


Saint Joseph's Catholic Church
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