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1st Sunday of Advent 3Dec2017

Reflection by Aidan Troy [Aodhán O Troighthigh] Please note: the view of the above alone.

The catch phrase as we begin the Season of Advent is, ‘what I say to you I say to all: ‘Stay Awake.’ This is spoken to each of us and to all of us together. It is God’s Word to us and is a serious command. What Jesus is saying to us, I will try to explore.

There are a lot of people who suffer from various sleep disorders and would give anything for just a sound night’s sleep. Oh, what bliss – no watching the clock, no fear that I will be so tired tomorrow that I will not be able to meet my obligations.

The lovely thing about God’s Word is that it is both simple and direct as well as being deep with many layers of meaning. Each receives the Word, like the Talents of a few Sundays ago, according to our ability to hear and appreciate. I am still a beginner. Each Advent brings me back to the school of the Word of God.

This much I have discovered about the theme of Advent, ‘Stay awake’- it’s about a lot more than sleep. It is about meeting Jesus. Some people have what seems a peaceful death in their sleep, with a smile on their lips. as if to say that their first glimpse of sight of Jesus calling them in their sleep was beautiful. The seamless going from sleep to being fully awake for all Eternity with God is one of the lifetime’s great journeys.

Stay Awake as the clarion call of Advent means a lot to me – I hope that this may help you. Feel free to make your personal Advent ‘Credo’.

A of Advent calls me to ADORATION as we prepare for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

D in Advent reminds me that the DIVINE Son of God is coming to us.

V in Advent promises me Jesus’ VICTORY over sin and death on Cross begins in Bethlehem.

E in Advent reminds me of being EAGER to meet the Lord at His birth.

N in Advent reminds me of being NOURISHED by the new-born King.

T in Advent reminds me of need to THANK God for sending His Son born of Mary giving us life to the full.

The Season of Advent, like that of Lent, is offered to us to prepare for an intervention of God in each life and in the life of His creation.

At Christmas Mass as I kneel before the Crib, I see that one day the wood of the manger holding the baby will be the wood of the Cross, holding Jesus’ body. The Star over the Crib, on Calvary will be no more; only darkness over the whole earth. Jesus born in borrowed accommodation, will be buried in a borrowed tomb.

Then will come the victory hidden at His Birth. He rises from the dead as Triumphant King of the Universe. He was born for this; he lived for this; he died for this and now He is with us to give us the victory over sin and death. Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus...



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