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Assumption: 15 August 2017

Reflection* by Aidan Troy [Aodhán O Troighthigh]
{Reflection only the view of the above}

Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady15th August 2017

When Saint Augustine thought of Mary’s great faith, he wrote that it caused her, ‘to conceive first of all in her heart, before ever in her womb.’ Mary believed that the message of the Angel Gabriel would be fulfilled. She was blessed because of her faith. And she needed faith. When the birth of her Son came about, there was no room for them in the inn. What a start! Where is God, is what I might have asked? Joseph was also a person of faith who supported and encouraged Mary.

Joseph’s head must have been in a spin a lot of the time. Not only are his wedding plans scrapped but he begins to get God’s messages in dreams. He follows God’s dreams and they become his. He with Mary and their Son, become refugees in Egypt. They were not economic refugees. This was the way God used to save the life of His Son from the treachery of Herod. The Holy Family make great patron saints for the many refugees in our time.

When Mary and Joseph got to the Temple to present Jesus to God, an extraordinary greeting from Simeon awaited them. Mary is told ‘a sword of sorrow’ that will pierce her heart. For a young mother, this is tough going. But Calvary and the Cross was yet to come.

It is hard to imagine how great a challenge to Mary’s faith Calvary turned out to be. Yet, she stood beneath the Cross as her Son died. She could do nothing for her son and that may have been the worst part of her suffering.

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In this month of August, some people will be away from home. At St Joseph’s, we will be blessed with many tourists to Paris who will join us for Mass. Summer is a time when we can give God some more time. Like Mary, we need to hear God giving us His message. There is not one of us who is not called to do some one thing that nobody else is asked or capable of doing. Only you will know what this for you. God has chosen to need you as He chose to need Mary and Joseph. What a privilege is ours to be chosen by God.

After Pentecost, we hear little of Mary. The church has given us the teaching that Mary was assumed body and soul into Heaven. This is a gift for us and a wonderful promise that one day we too will meet her. Her Assumption is a pledge to us that she is waiting for us as our Mother. She already knows and cares for us.

My prayer for those who read these few lines is that you will be richly blessed this summer. I hope and pray that you will grow in the knowledge and love of God in the same way as Mary did.

Please keep me in your prayers that God will reveal ever more clearly what is being asked of me. Like Mary, I hope that I can have faith to keep listening as Mary always did. I could never hope to match Mary’s faith, but to be even a pale reflection of Mary’s faith will be enough for me.

Mary, Mother of the Church, pray for us your children and keep us safe._______



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