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Feast of the Most Holy Trinity 2017

Some words by Aidan Troy [Aodhán O Troighthigh]
{Reflection here only the view of the above}

It is true that the Mystery of the Trinity is not easy to understand and no less easy to explain. This doesn’t surprise me. If you are in a loving relationship, do you understand fully the other person? Some may say, ‘Yes’, while others will immediately say, ‘No’. There is not one person, for instance, at St Joseph’s that I don’t try to love. Yet truthfully, I would never claim to have summed you up to such an extent that I can say, ‘I fully understand you and am able to describe you totally so that another will fully appreciate you.’ This, does not stop me from trying to love and understand you. So, with our understanding the Trinity.

We all give signs of how we love, or don’t, to those around us. Some people choose to ignore their neighbour or even not speak to them. The other person may keep trying but the hardened heart is difficult to melt. The eyes being described as the window of the soul has always seemed to me to be true. The story of our soul is revealed by a loving glance or sadly, by a cold stare.

Many of us see a glance of love from God as the power of Love falls on First Communicants, on those Confirmed, on a baby baptised, on huge crowds at Mass and in beautiful Confessions heard on Saturdays. The ‘Seal of Confession’ prevents any more, but I feel the warmth of love and mercy in the celebration of the amazing Sacrament of Reconciliation. At the same time, I can sense the tears of God as innocent people were struck down in London and death came in other places. Never was it more important to keep love and hope as our ‘breastplate’.

The Holy Trinity is our God walking with us in Jesus and living within us by the Holy Spirit. Some will find this overly simplistic. It is. But, it is also true. When God created us and the universe, He did it simply – He spoke and it came into being.

When Jesus redeemed us from death and sin, He gave to us His Body and Blood. How simple, but true. Jesus is really, truly and substantially present in the Holy Eucharist. Yes, the bread and wine are signs of His presence but more importantly, this is where Jesus remains within us until the end of time. Then, signs and faith will be no more. We will see Jesus face to face and not under the signs of Bread and Wine. He will speak our name; He will embrace us in his arms and draw us to His Heart; He will look at us having arrived at the destination for which His Father created us.

There is a truth, ‘You cannot give, what you have not got.’ God Father and Son are in a relationship of total love. Their love has a name and is a Person – the Holy Spirit. The Spirit’s symbols are a dove, tongues of fire, wind, many languages understood. All these are from Revelation. One that helps me is the revelation that you are a Temple of the Holy Spirit. That is your dignity as a child of God. By this, you are a holy person. You can show me the face of God.

So true is this, that at the end of the journey of life, we will face a test. It will be one of God asking us if we saw, recognised and became involved with Him on the highways and byways of life. Did I love and appreciate God at home, in St Joseph’s fellow worshippers, among my friends as well as those whom life has pushed into the gutter and to the margins? I see the traces of the Trinity as I see you feed the hungry; dry tears of the broken-hearted; bring Holy Communion to the sick; collect clothes for those who lack bare necessities; keep God’s House worthy of Holy Ground. The Trinity is a Mystery. The action of the Trinity I see every day in your goodness.

Next Sunday at 11 a.m. Mass, we will offer thanks for the generosity of people in CCD and all ministries here. What a beautiful Feast on which to offer thanks – Corpus Christi, the Body and Blood of Christ.


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