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Feast Days in Spring 2018:

Ascension Thursday 10th May: Mass at 11:00am & 6:30pm

Pentecost Sunday 20th May: Mass 9:30am, 11:00am, 12:30pm & 6:30pm

Reflection Pentecost 4 June 2017

Some words by Aidan Troy [Aodhán O Troighthigh]
 {Reflection here only the view of the above}

Pentecost Sunday is utterly special; the day on which we remember how God gives Himself in the coming of the Holy Spirit. The outward signs of the first coming of the Spirit are not evident to us – no violent wind filling our church or home; no tongues of fire resting on each; no speaking in other languages but being able to hear in our own. These accompany the Spirit’s coming, but are not the Spirit.
St Paul, a convert, spent his life under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Experience taught him that his words, good deeds for the people he helped hear the Word of God, were not his achievements, but works of the Spirit of the living God. Paul’s life has become a model for many travelling the road of life under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. I can do nothing on my own. I can say nothing of value by myself. As Paul puts it, “No one can say, ‘Jesus is Lord’, unless (s)he is under the influence of the Holy Spirit.”
Every one of us is gifted. Each of us is called to service for the same Lord. At school and even much later, when I heard that I am gifted, I thought that this couldn’t apply to me. Then and now, I see around me people who are so gifted. It is good to have such people around. There are people around who put me to shame when it comes to answering the call to service. Such people are a blessing in a world which needs shining examples of generosity.
Do you know who helps me greatly when what God asks seems beyond my limited capacity? Mary, the Mother of God. To the Angel Gabriel she puts a great question – “How can this be?” The answer to her and us is, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you.” A great exchange between Mary and Gabriel. It works for all who feel that the task is beyond them. The answer does not lie in trying harder, but in knowing that we cannot succeed by our own efforts. But, with God all things are possible.
During Holy Communions and Confirmations this weekend, there will be busy, caring people. Without these, the Sacraments wouldn’t be celebrated with reverence and beauty. The busiest Person of all will be the third person of the Holy Trinity –  the Holy Spirit. He comes into us silently but powerfully.
God doesn’t show off. He could and would have every reason to showcase His works. Rather, in the hearts and souls of each Communicant and of each Confirmand, silent miracles will be taking place. For them and their families these are great times. Come Holy Spirit on us all today and always.


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