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Summer Fair 2018

Our annual summer Fair will be on Sunday 23 June 2019.

Extract from last 3 June 2018:

"Where to begin? As often, words fail me to capture the blessings of last weekend. The sun shone. People thought of others in our community of St Joseph’s. So many people gave of their time, talent, money, not counting the cost. Weeks of selling Tombola tickets, keeping totals of tickets sold, lovely prizes donated by companies, individuals and families, a magnificent food fest, ACWO, Marymount School, setting up and clearing up, printing in the parish office, book sale, bottle stall, toy sale, all pieces in a beautiful mosaic. The money donated taken care of on the day and counting started on Monday. 11,879.25 was raised for St Joseph’s. Alongside the money raised, it is impossible to put a value on the community spirit and generosity surrounding the Summer Fair. The food was a delight. Children’s games and the hospitality offered is hard to capture in words. With profound gratitude to all and especially to the Pastoral Council, I offer these words as my 10th Summer Fair passes. May this great event continue for many years. Mass has been offered in thanksgiving." (From Fr Aidan's bulletin)







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